Carrie's Weekly Update 5-10-18

posted May 10, 2018, 12:55 PM by Cynthia Friedman

Middle School Update - Week of 5/11/18

Upcoming Events

May 1 - May 31

Bike and Walk to School Month

Friday 5/18

Dance A Thon - 6:30-8:30 pm

Monday 5/28

NO SCHOOL - Memorial Day

Tuesday, 5/29

Ridgeline Middle School State Testing Window Begins

Friday 6/1

Move Up Day

Thursday 6/7

8th Grade Graduation Ceremony 6:00 - 8:00 pm

Friday 6/8

NO SCHOOL - Grading Day

Monday 6/11 - Thursday 6/14

Middle School Adventure Trip


Do you have building skills?  Do you want to be a part of making a great garden enclosure for the Ridgeline Community?  We need volunteer help to put up the cross braces for the garden fence. The wood is here.  Now we just need your skilled hands to build it!

A big thank you to Paul Hammer at Hammer Lumber in Eugene for donating the lumber for this phase of the project!!

Room 7 needs a volunteer to wash our classroom rags one last time. The students use them to wash the tables every day, and they get a workout. Just shoot me an email and we'll iron out the details.

Thanks for all your help! You make a difference!



This week CC3 is analyzing interest patterns.  Specifically they are comparing the growth rates of simple vs interest patterns.  My block two group was appalled at what a “bad deal” compound interest at 6% was. They were shocked when I told them that many credit cards charge between 17 and 24 percent.  Another plug for the real world applications of teaching math in schools! If you pen it out, you can borrow to buy something now and pay it back over 12 weeks and end up paying many times it’s market value, or you can wait 12 weeks, save your money, and buy it for the purchase price outright.  We discussed how this is a good choice for smaller ticket items, but not buying a house, and how you do have to borrow (responsibly) to get a credit score in the first place. It was a great conversation!


We have been delving into the nature of matter and existence this week.  I love talking about atoms with the students. How mind bogglingly small they are. If you blew up an orange to the size of the earth, each atom would be the size of a cherry.  If you blew up one of the ‘cherries’ so that the nucleus was the size of an orange, the nearest electron cloud would end about a mile away, and the miniscule electrons would have a 95% chance of being observed in that region.  What? Does matter even exist?

Then we moved on to introductions of covalent and ionic bonds, and the students built models of molecules.

Appreciating every day!

Carrie and India

Online Resources

Link to the Interactions in Physical Science Textbook:

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CPM textbooks:

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- For parents with students in CPM Core Connections 2, the link below is to a good resource for getting your head around math concepts in CPM Core Connections, Course 2.

CPM Core Connections, Course 2 Parent Guide with Extra Practice: