Carrie's Weekly Update 4-8-16

posted Apr 8, 2016, 12:24 PM by Cynthia Friedman

Dear Middle School Families,



Sunday, April 9, 1-3pm

Grounds Keeping Work Party – Come help us keep Ridgeline beautiful!  We will be mowing, edging, weeding, pruning, seeding, raking and generally having fun; kids welcome too.  Bring gardening tools if you've got 'em, plus gloves and rugged clothing.  Meet at the outdoor classroom. All Family members may log volunteer hours.

Friday, April 15th

Middle School Dance

Wednesday, April 20

All School Photo

Tuesday, April 26,

3:15-4:15 pm and 6-7 pm

PROJECT FAIR - An opportunity to visit all the Ridgeline classrooms to observe student projects, pursuits and learning in action. Let us know if you have any questions.

Thursday, May 19    

ALL DAY Field Trips

Canopy Connections - 7th Graders

Tree to Tree - 8th Graders



Personal World – Sleep takes up about a third of our life.  Many find the need to sleep to be a nuisance, even a waste of time. Apparently, some of our students agree; we occasionally have students nodding off in class due to lack of sleep.  Just this morning, one of my students claimed he needed a cup of coffee.  I dared to suggest that perhaps he needed more sleep. This week we began our two week exploration into the world of shut-eye.

Science –  Our current science unit began with the question “What is gravity?” We have quite a bit of experience with how it affects us, but don’t necessarily think about what it is.  Approaching this question as scientists, we came up with our hypotheses, then conducted experiments to test our ideas. Does it have something to do with the rotation of the earth, the pressure of the atmosphere, earth’s magnetism, or is it something about it’s great mass?  We ruled out the first three through our experiments, and finally observed a Cavendish Experiment leading into our studies regarding relationship between gravity, mass, and distance. Ask your students about black holes, the difference between weight and mass, and/or why don't I just tell them the answer. Why do I have them go through all these dead end experiments when I knew it was mass all along? We've had some great animated discussions in this week! 

Science Homework?  Missed Science Class?

Our science book, Interactions in Physical Science is available digitally in Google Drive.  

Search Shared with me for “PBIS Physical Science Textbook”

Here is the Link:

Math - By this time of the year, the seventh graders that have been applying themselves to the workload are starting to say to themselves, “I can do this.”  We see this every year.  It’s amazing how much we are capable of if we have people around us who support and believe in us. I have seen so much growth this year. Your student's efforts and determination are inspiring.

Thank you,