Carrie's Weekly Update 4-28-16

posted Apr 28, 2016, 12:48 PM by Cynthia Friedman   [ updated Apr 29, 2016, 10:16 AM ]

Dear Middle School Families,



Friday, April 29th

Read-A-Thon Assembly

Fri Apr 29, 2016

Supply Fees Due For 2016-17 School Year

Thursday, May 19    

ALL DAY Field Trips:

Canopy Connections - 7th Graders

Tree to Tree - 8th Graders

Thursday, June 9


8th Grade Graduation


Monday, June 13  to

Thursday,  June 16   

Middle School Adventure Trip--Florence

Saturday, June 25

Ridgeline will be the Non-Profit of the Night at the Eugene Emeralds  – A flier will be sent home on May 6 advertising this evening including a ticket order form. Tickets may be purchased through Ridgeline between May 6 – 26.   The kindergartners and T.R.U.E. will be performing!



Personal World – A number of students have entered the phase of designing and refining their collages.  Some tell a story, some are autobiographical, some inspire reflection about an issue close to the student’s heart.  As artists, we are making visual choices in terms of depth, arrangement, composition, tracking the gaze, background and foreground.  We are analyzing our creative choices, and what they communicate to the viewer.   The students have been introduced the concept of the Golden Ratio.  More on that next week.

Science I don’t know what it is about chemistry that gets students so excited.  The fact that they immediately start talking about explosions may be a clue.  Before beginning our chemistry unit this week, we reviewed lab safety.  For assessment and fun, student groups found clip art illustrating a set of lab rules. Thus we are collaborating on our own lab safety posters.  They were very amused about the lab rule barring anyone from tasting anything in an experiment.  It seemed obvious until I reminded them that experimental ingredients like sugar and lemon juice might seem tempting, except that they will be in lab equipment and a lab setting.  Wednesday we started our chemistry unit with conservation of mass in closed systems.  

Canopy Connections

Parents of 7th graders.  Permission slips for the Canopy connections field trip came home this week. Please support your student in returning them as soon as possible. Some of the Health History forms may have Adult written at the top. Please fill them out for your child and return.  Thanks!  

Project Fair

The students enjoyed sharing their Friday activities with our visitors at the Ridgeline Project fair on Tuesday. The kitchen crew sold some extra cookies, fed some visitors spring rolls and cupcakes, and cleaned up in record time. I overheard a parent tell her student, “Now I know you can clean up in the kitchen.”  

Once again, I would like to send out a thank you to all the familiar faces who volunteer on Fridays, chaperone field trips, and guide activities with the students. You make all we do possible!  This week,  I would like to especially thank David Murphy for donating his time, enthusiasm. world experience, and groceries to the Friday cooking crew.  Thank you Dave!