Carrie's Weekly Update 4-17-18

posted Apr 19, 2018, 8:54 AM by Cynthia Friedman

Middle School Update - Week of 4/20/18

Upcoming Events

Thursday, 4/19

Volunteer Appreciation Tea 2:20-3:03 p.m.

Thursday, 5/3

Canopy Connections (7th Graders) and Tree to Tree (8th Graders) Field Trips

Friday 5/4

Term 5 Ends

Tuesday, 5/29

Ridgeline Middle School State Testing Window begins

Thursday 6/7

8th Grade Graduation Ceremony

Friday 6/8

NO SCHOOL - Grading Day

Monday 6/11 - Thursday 6/14

Middle School Adventure Trip


Our students work both independently and collaboratively in groups every day.  They show courage in sharing ideas, diplomacy in debate, initiative in asking for help, and community spirit in their willingness to assist each other in the process of learning.  The academic concepts are a vehicle for these greater life skills, and they are given just enough freedom to exercise and develop these skills in their daily interactions. It is a great pleasure to observe how far they have come!


Some questions we addressed over the course of this week are:

  • Use interaction ideas and force ideas to write an explanation of what keeps the earth in orbit around the sun.

    • We have been studying and discussing the concept of gravity as understood and explained by Isaac Newton, but I did introduce Einstein’s description of gravitational interactions, based on his Theory of Relativity with these two videos. The kids loved this lesson!  

  • Analyze and explain why a wadded up coffee filter hits the ground before an open filter.

  • If you drop an object from a great height, would it continue to speed up as it falls or would it reach a final speed?

  • Explain how a skydiver reaches terminal speed.

  • How do you combine multiple forces to determine their total effect on an object?

  • How do you determine the force necessary to balance other forces?

  • Why do things float or sink?

Carrie and India


Online Resources

Link to the Interactions in Physical Science Textbook:

*NOTE: Ridgeline Middle School students may ONLY access this link using their ridgeline email address.*


CPM textbooks:

- All CPM students are to sign in to their online Textbooks at using Google Sign-In and their Ridgeline Email address.  There is core problem and homework support for every assignment, links to the Desmos online tool and many other resources.

- If a CC3 student cannot access this resource, they can use the CPM Core Connections 3 Homework Help Link:


- For parents with students in CPM Core Connections 2, the link below is to a good resource for getting your head around math concepts in CPM Core Connections, Course 2.

CPM Core Connections, Course 2 Parent Guide with Extra Practice: