Carrie's Weekly Update 4-15-16

posted Apr 15, 2016, 10:59 AM by Cynthia Friedman

“Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think.” - Albert Einstein


Dear Middle School Families,

Students often ask “Why are we learning this?” “When are we going to use this?” My answer to this question varies with the context, but often I ask them a question in return, “Is there a benefit for citizens of a democratic nation to know the scientific method, how to find and recognize quality information, and how to think critically? Basically, is it important for them to have the informational background and skills to make decisions as voters?”  Einstein said,  “Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school.”  The facts we learn are vehicles for the skills required to be an adult equipped to make decisions on their own behalf, and on the behalf of their community. Besides, you might learn something that sparks your interest and becomes a passion for learning. Who knows?



Friday, April 15th

Middle School Dance

Wednesday, April 20

All School Photo

Tuesday, April 26,

3:15-4:15 pm and 6-7 pm

PROJECT FAIR - An opportunity to visit all the Ridgeline classrooms to observe student projects, pursuits and learning in action. Let us know if you have any questions.

Thursday, May 19    

ALL DAY Field Trips:

Canopy Connections - 7th Graders

Tree to Tree - 8th Graders

Thursday, June 9


8th Grade Graduation


Monday, June 13  to

Thursday,  June 16   

Middle School Adventure Trip--Florence



Personal World – This week we wrapped up presentations, discussed the benefits of sleep, and how the brain uses this down time to transfer short term memory into long term memory. Later in the week, the students worked as a group to solve a problem and completed a task. This relates back to the learning process, that our work last week around sleep relates to, and is a review of communication skills we have been working on all year.  Thursday, University of Oregon students visited our classroom and introduced to the ecological concepts that they will be teaching the 7th graders on the May 19th Canopy Connections field trip.


Science –  This week we continue our explorations regarding gravity.  In particular, we studied orbital motion, and terminal speed, and created analyses and explanations regarding scenarios involving both balanced/unbalanced forces.  


Science Resources:

Our science book, Interactions in Physical Science is available digitally in Google Drive.  

Search Shared with me for “PBIS Physical Science Textbook”

Or follow this Link:


Canopy Connections Field trip agenda:

7:30 am   Arrive at Ridgeline

7:50   Depart Ridgeline

9:00         Arrive at HJA

9:05 -9:30  Orientation session, safety talk.  Break into four groups (6-8 students each).

9:30- 12:00  Two Morning Stations

12:00-12:30   Group Lunch - (bring own)

12:30- 3:00  Two Afternoon Stations

3:15    Students leave HJ

4:20  Dismissal from Ridgeline


Look for these Canopy Connections Documents coming home soon:

·        Permission Slip

·        Waiver

·        Health History Form


Note to Canopy Connections Chaperones:

·        Please fill out and sign a Waiver and Health History Form for yourself and return them to Maizzy with your student’s paperwork.  Sometimes the adult will have an opportunity to participate in the tree climbing activity.

·        Update your Drivers licence, Registration, and Insurance Documentation In the Ridgeline front office

·        Please e-mail me regarding the number of students your vehicle can transport. (The number of open seats with seatbelts in your vehicle.)


Have a great weekend,