Carrie's Weekly Update 4-14-17

posted Apr 14, 2017, 10:17 AM by Cynthia Friedman

April 17

Track Town Pizza Fundraiser

April 25th

Project Fair

April 28

Canopy Connections Permission Slips Coming Home to Families of 7th Graders.

April 24 - 27

Volunteer Appreciation Week

May 1 - 5

Staff Appreciation Week

May 11th

Canopy Connections Field Trip (7th Graders)

May 11th

8th Grade Tree2Tree Trip

May 12th

SCHOOL IN SESSION - Hazardous Weather Make Up Day

May 19th


May 29th

Memorial Day - NO SCHOOL

June 2

Move Up Day

June 5 - 8

Middle School Adventure Trip

June 12th

Mazzi’s Restaurant Fundraiser

June 13th

End of the Year Picnic

June 14th

Field Day

June 15th

8th Grade Graduation

June 16th

Night at the EM’s


Families of Seventh Grade Students

Canopy Connections Field Trip Permission Forms came home FRIDAY.  They are due back April 28th.

We are looking forward to a great day in the woods, learning about ecology with some enthusiastic college students!

Eighth Grade Students Attending South Eugene High School

Eighth grade students attending SEHS next fall and their parents are invited to the Incoming 9th Grade Information and Forecasting Night on Wednesday, April 26, 2017 from 6:30pm - 9:00pm.  The event will begin in the SEHS cafeteria with a welcome from the SEHS Parent Council. Families will get important information about SEHS, the trimester schedule, credit and class requirements, and the scheduling process.

Department representatives will present information about ninth grade core and elective classes and course options. SEHS students attending IHS in 2017-18 will get information about their IHS courses.  Students will receive a 9th Grade Curriculum Guide/Workbook, a SEHS Curriculum Guide and a Forecasting Course Request form. They can begin the forecasting process that evening.  In early May, SEHS staff will be visiting each local middle school to complete the Forecasting Course Request process with students.

Please plan to attend this important evening designed to give incoming ninth grade students and their families essential information about high school and begin the process of forecasting for Freshman courses.  We look forward to welcoming you.

Elsa Andrew

Registrar, South Eugene High School

Eugene School District 4J

Phone 541-790-8015


Sometimes we get caught up in the details and miss the big picture.  Math is not just getting a problem correct one at a time, it is more importantly an excellent vehicle for learning how to learn.  Students tend to see each problem as an end in itself.  I remind them to step back.  Each problem is an opportunity to practice a skill.  Whether that skill is using conversion unit fractions to convert ounces to gallons, or feet to kilometers, it is knowledge of the relationship between units, and mastery of using conversion unit fractions that is the goal of the work.  

Fluency is required in each skill one learns this year. As students progress through the curriculum they will need to decide when and how to apply and combine those skills as the complexity of the work increases.  

Our success in math provides feedback we can use to explore how our work habits impact our learning.  We can practice looking for patterns in our errors, brainstorming reasons for the pattern, and creating a plan for changing those limiting habits.  Process, pattern awareness, and learning about learning. Those are our goals.

Life Science

Last week we decided that our data was correlated, so we moved forward to analyzing our results.  This week, each student group decided how to graph our class results.  Since each group did their own iteration of the experiment, so we have 7 repetitions of the same experiment in each class.  In order to graph our results, some students decided to create an area graph and average the number of fronds counted each day we collected data.  Some groups created a bar graph of the increase in frond growth overall between the first day and the last day data was collected.  Students graphed the uncertainty in our results as well.  Students will explain why they chose to use one graph over another, and what they illustrate about our experiment results.  

We now are interpreting our graphs, and writing our conclusions for the experiment.  

Carrie and Taylor