Carrie's Weekly Update 2-9-17

posted Feb 9, 2017, 9:49 AM by Cynthia Friedman


February 11th

Melt Class-Registration Required

February 20th

No School - President’s Day

February 21st

Pre-Lottery Information Session

February 25th

LuLaRoe Fundraiser

March 8th

Ridgeline Lottery Applications Due

March 11th

OBOB Regionals at Willamette High School

March 12th

Daylight Savings Time - Spring Forward!

March 27th - 31st

No School - Spring Break


MELT Workshop - Do you wake up stiff and sore in the morning? Do you feel like you do not bounce back from injuries quite as quickly as you used to or do you have chronic pain? Come learn some strategies for dealing with aches and pains at a MELT Method workshop AND do something nice for Ridgeline! 100% of the admission cost will be donated to Ridgeline so you will be helping your body and the school at the same time. The workshop is in the Ridgeline Gym on Sat Feb 11th from 1-3 and the cost is $25.

MELT is a self-care treatment technique that uses soft foam rollers and small balls to decrease pain and inflammation in the body while increasing balance and stability. Basically, you will be learning how to give yourself a massage. It is fun and easy to do. Registration is required. Email to reserve a spot! For more information about The MELT Method, visit Feel better in your body!

LuLaRoe fundraiser to benefit the Capital Campaign! On Saturday, February 25, from 1-4pm, six local LuLaRoe consultants will be bringing their inventories to the Ridgeline gym for a fundraising event to benefit Ridgeline Montessori. For each piece sold that day, a donation will be made to the school and LuLaRoe will match that donation! Combined donations for this event will be between $3 and $6 per item sold and are based on the value of each piece. There will be over 3,000 pieces of inventory available to shop from, so proceeds to Ridgeline could be substantial. There will also be a raffle for free leggings! Be sure to join the Facebook Event page for photos, updates, and announcements:

LuLaRoe is an affordable and comfortable clothing line designed with all shapes, sizes, and lifestyles in mind. There is a HUGE selection of leggings, dresses, skirts, tops, and more in unique and exclusive fabrics. We carry styles in sizes 2T-14 in kids and XXS-3XL for women.

Instructional Days – Site Council decided to add the following three instructional days back to the school calendar: April 3, May 12, and June 16. Thursday June 15, will be a full day of school (3:15pm dismissal) and June 16 will be early release.


Science -

Your student’s efforts are evident in their Earth Science presentations. There was a lot of overlap in the presentations, the reiteration of which, turned out to be important points for understanding.   It really worked out wonderfully. The presentation topics were designed to come at the topic from many angles.   Student presentations, varying greatly in both depth and relavent topic, provided a full and multi layered middle school overview of what processes within earth cause geological activity.  This has been a great wrap up to the unit!  

Taylor, myself, and many of the students are looking forward to the upcoming life science unit. We will focus on, ecology, heredity, evolution, and a little chemistry.  So excited!

Health and Human Development

Health and Human Development representatives from Planned Parenthood led a discussion this Tuesday on Healthy Relationships. Our students were amazing!  The depth of their contributions to the class discussion about the qualities of healthy and unhealthy relationships, and their ability to differentiate between consent and an opportunity to communicate, were beyond their years. Our visitors were highly impressed by their mature and respectful engagement with the material.  Your students love the video, “Consent, It’s Simple As Tea” Check it out on You Tube:   

Planned Parenthood returns again Thursday February 9th, and again on Wednesday February 15th.

We are bursting with pride. Your students are a testament to the holistic achievements of this wonderful school!  

Carrie and Taylor