Carrie's Weekly Update 2-5-16

posted Feb 5, 2016, 10:33 AM by Cynthia Friedman


Friday, February 5th

Re-enrollment Forms Due

Wednesday, February 10th

6-7:30 pm

Parent Education with Montessorian Robyn Breiman

Friday, February 12th


Monday, February 15th


Wednesday, February 17th

Immunization Exclusion Day

Friday, February 19th

5-7 pm

Pasta Dinner with student Vendor Tables

Fresh chocolate chip cookies will be available!

Saturday, February 27th

10 am

Pre-Lottery Info Session (Middle School)


Honoring your Child’s Growing Independence

A Night with Robyn Breiman

February 10, 2016

6-7:30 pm

Please join us for a very special parent education night. We have hired the fabulous Robyn Breiman for three days of intensive Montessori workshops and consultation to our school.  We were overjoyed when Robyn accepted our invitation, as she has dedicated her life to inspiring and guiding authentic Montessori education in the United States, especially in public schools. As part of this visit, she will be speaking to parents about how to support autonomous learning. The night will also feature Ridgeline students showcasing and discussing their own independent work. Don’t miss it!  Childcare is available by reservation.

Please RSVP so we can save you a seat! Forms came home on Friday, February 5th.



Personal World - I just have to crow a bit about your kids.  Our Planned Parenthood guest was very impressed with the grace, humor, and maturity with which your students handled this sometimes awkward but very important information.  They are quality, fun, informed young people, and we are thankful!

In Personal World this week, the students are working on creating skits depicting a Conversation Buster topic. Really it’s about how to handle conversation difficulties with grace.  How do we participate equitably and productively when interacting with others?  When experiencing conflict with someone, how do we give face to face feedback with kindness and courage rather than just venting elsewhere?  

Science - This week we used points from a data table to graph the distance a car traveled over time, and it’s corresponding constant speed over time.  We then used two points on the graph, and the speed = distance/time equation to calculate it’s speed, noting that this also describes the slope of the line. We also continued our investigations into the speed of waves.

 Friday Explorations -  

-The Cookie Crew will be providing cookies at the Pasta Dinner on Friday, February 19th. In addition, there will be opportunities to bid on ceramic dishes hand painted by Ridgeline students. The bowl with the watermelon motif was designed and painted by a group of creative middle school students.


-The Culinary Explorers are visiting the culinary world of China this Friday.  They are preparing Kung Pao Chicken.  Can’t wait!