Carrie's Weekly Update 2-18-16

posted Feb 18, 2016, 12:07 PM by Cynthia Friedman


Friday, February 19th

5-7 pm

Pasta Dinner Fundraiser with student Vendor Tables.

Fresh chocolate chip cookies will be available! TRUE Performance!

Saturday, February 27th

10:00 am

Pre-Lottery Info Session

Saturday, February 27th

10:45 am

Pre-Lottery Info Session (Middle School)



Personal World - In mindfulness this week we shared about what we are thankful for. We are lucky to have a long list of big things: family, food, shelter, clothing, education, friendship, community,... and small things like the sun on your skin and the wind in the trees, a smile, a hug,....  Many of us could relate to moments where we felt so low that we couldn’t conceive anything ever having been good, or anything ever being good again.  If we develop a pattern of gratitude and appreciation, we will have that habit to draw on in those difficult moments in life.  We can better remember in that moment that, “This too shall pass.”


Science -. Last Thursday we began our investigations into how exactly energy is transferred between objects,  We are concentrating specifically on mechanical interactions involving, elastic, drag, or friction. In addition we introduced the concepts of chemical and thermal energy into our diagrams of mechanical interactions.  The rubber band cars that came in this week encompass some huge variation in engineering, and materials.  In addition to being useful for our study of elastic interactions, they will be great discussion focal points introducing/reviewing the engineering and design process. All that we are learning now is leading up to the engineering design project the students will tackle at the end of this unit. Science Rules!


Math -.   Assignments are to be completed before the start of math class on the day they are due.  Every student should have math homework almost every day. Students can check their progress using the answers to some of the odd problems found in the back of the book, and the Examples in the first section of each assignment.  


I’m looking forward to a full week next week!