Carrie's Weekly Update 2-11-16

posted Feb 11, 2016, 12:10 PM by Cynthia Friedman


Friday, February 12th


Monday, February 15th


Wednesday, February 17th

Immunization Exclusion Day

Friday, February 19th

5-7 pm

Pasta Dinner with Student Vendor Tables

Fresh chocolate chip cookies will be available!

Saturday, February 27th

10 am

Pre-Lottery Info Session (Middle School)



Personal World - Some students presented their videos and some continued their work on their Conversation Buster skits this week.  All students are using rubrics to critique the presentations regarding whether or not each group met the assignment criteria, and each student is evaluating their own team member’s participation in the group process.  Important stuff.  Thursday was the last day of Health and Human Development.  Planned Parenthood presented about STDs and AIDS.  This is at least the 5th time Ridgeline students have received this presentation, so they are pros by now.  That’s as it should be.


Science - This week we wrapped up the first chapter in Unit 2 in which we practiced describing interactions in terms of energy. On Thursday we began Chapter 2 in which we will focus on how energy is transferred between objects. The focus is on mechanical interactions involving, elastic, drag, or friction. We have many lab adventures in this chapter in which we get to play with toys of all kinds.  In fact, your student’s homework this weekend is to build a VERY simple rubber band car to be used in our science lab next week. Students had class time and materials available on Wednesday and Thursday this week to plan and begin building their cars.  The links to directions with examples are to be found in Jupiter Grades under Rubber Band Cars 2/16. Watch out for your favorite chopsticks or CDs, or you might very well end up donating them to science this weekend!


Math - Students must keep up in math.  For most students, it is a big adjustment to the volume of math assigned in middle school.  Math is a language.  In order to learn a language, it must be practiced almost every day.  Just like learning any new skill it can be difficult initially, and our work can be fraught with small errors as we learn each new concept.  This process will become easier.  It is already becoming easier than a number of students ever thought it could be, just because they are exercising their math skills daily.  As part of the process for review for each math test, I have each student go over their answers to the review or practice test questions.  Their homework before the test is to figure out what their mistake was on each problem they missed, rework the problem correctly, then write a note describing the type of error.  The most common kinds of errors are: copied the problem incorrectly, didn’t read the directions carefully, didn’t carry the negative through to the end, made a simple operations error, didn’t reduce the final answer, forgot to label with units…  Generally each student will find a pattern where they do one or two of these regularly. These are simple fixes whose only requirement is attention to changing a habit. It takes mindful intention to neglect old habits and work on building new ones until they evolve into a math skill.  Each student who is doing this, is steadily improving!  

Thank you for sharing your amazing students,