Carrie's Weekly Update 12-7-17

posted Dec 7, 2017, 12:17 PM by Cynthia Friedman

Upcoming Events

Saturdays and Sundays

U-Cut Holiday Tree Fundraiser For Ridgeline

10 am - 4 pm - see address below

Saturday, 12/9               

LuLaRoe Fundraiser 11am-1pm in the Ridgeline Gym

Mon. 12/11-12/15           

Joy of Sharing

Thursday, 12/14            

Mod Pizza Fundraiser

Friday, 12/15                 

Grandparents’ Day (pre-registration required-please contact office for details!)

Mon. 12/18-Tues. 1/2        

NO SCHOOL – Winter Break

Wednesday, 1/3            

Class Resumes

Friday, 1/12

Ridgeline Talent Show



Ridgeline Talent Show

Message to students from Kate Downing

Ridgeline talent show will be 6-8pm on Friday, January 12th. Acts in the past have included singing, dancing, skits, poetry reading, comedy, martial arts, tumbling, group music performance...

Please make sure performance is limited to 3 minutes. Practice with a timer. If you perform  with a group, plan to practice outside of school. No weapons allowed; all materials should be appropriate for all ages. If you plan to do martial arts or tumbling, make sure you can do it without injury on mats in front of the stage (not a huge space).

Sign-up sheet is on the bulletin board in the lobby. Please try to sign up before the break. If you are performing with a friend indicate that on the sheet. I'll contact the phone number they put on the sign-up to verify they will participate and find out what sort of music or space they need. Make sure you tell your parents if you sign up so they aren't surprised by my call!

Thanks!! Any questions can be directed to


Attention 8th Grade Families - Are you curious about global events? Do you enjoy considering different perspectives on world issues? Do you want to make a difference in your local and global community?

You might be interested in Eugene International High School!  Eugene IHS is an award-winning alternative high school in international studies for students in grades 9-12.  Located at Churchill, Sheldon and South Eugene, the school is open via district lottery to any student who wishes to attend.  If you are curious about the world and want to be part of a close-knit community of learners in a unique environment that is both challenging and supportive, we hope you will consider Eugene IHS as your high school choice.

Admission into Eugene IHS is through the 4J District lottery process; all students must fill out an online 4J School Choice Lottery Application. 4J School Choice Lottery Applications for 2018-19 will be available in January.  Go to the 4J District School Choice web page for school choice deadlines and applications:

IMPORTANT DATES for the 2018-2019 School Year:

January 1........ Online application period for 4J School Choice Lottery opens for in-district students

January 31...... Deadline to submit in-district 4J School Choice Lottery Applications

March 1.......... Online application period for 4J School Choice Lottery opens for out-of-district students

April 1............ Deadline to submit out-of-district 4J School Choice Lottery Applications

Interested Parents and Students:

Please come to one of the special information nights listed below to hear more about Eugene International High School and enrollment information.


South region

·       Thursday, January 11, 7:00 pm, South Eugene cafeteria (includes French Immersion break-out session)

·       Thursday, January 18, 6:30 pm in the South Eugene cafeteria  (joint session with South; South information 6:30-7:30, Eugene IHS information 7:30-8:30)

Sheldon region

·       Tuesday, January 23, 7:00 pm, Sheldon lecture hall (includes Spanish Immersion break-out session)

·       Thursday, January 25, 7:00 pm, Sheldon lecture hall

Churchill region

·       Tuesday, January 16, 7:00 pm, Churchill cafeteria

For more information contact one of the Eugene IHS offices below, or visit the website at

Eugene IHS @ Churchill:  541-790-5225

Eugene IHS @ Sheldon: 541-790-6636

Eugene IHS @ South Eugene: 541-790-8030

Joy of Sharing BasketsOur annual food drive, the Joy of Sharing begins December 11 and runs through December 15. Please bring non-perishable donations to school during this week. In addition to food, other items such as toilet paper and personal hygiene items are welcome.  With the donated items, we will create and distribute food baskets to Ridgeline families in need, to help them over winter break. Please contact Cynthia if you would like to suggest a family to receive a Joy of Sharing basket.

U-Cut Holiday Tree Fundraiser For Ridgeline

Akal Ranch

84850 S. Ridgeway Rd. Pleasant Hill, OR 97477

Pleasant Hill, right at the Dairy Queen (follow the signs)


Updated Volunteering Link – Cynthia has learned how to make a handy dandy grouping of all the volunteer jobs needed! If you click on this link you will be able to sign up for Grandparents Day and many other events!

Grandparents Day Volunteers Sign Up – A team of volunteers is needed to help with our two Grandparents Day events on December 15th and January 12th. Volunteers will greet our guests, sign them in, escort them from the gym to the classrooms, help with refreshments, etc.



This week we began Unit 2, Chapter 1, in which we seek answer to the question, “How do scientists describe interactions in terms of energy?” Students created energy diagrams of interactions.  We also began our investigation in mechanical wave interactions.  

Some questions you can ask about this week’s science material are:

  • What are some examples of types of interactions? (Some examples from our investigations are electric circuit, mechanical, electric charge, magnetic, and light.)

  • When describing an interaction between two objects using energy ideas, what information do you need to know or what questions do you need to answer? (They should mention: the objects interacting and which is the source and which is the receiver, and the type of interaction. )

  • What are some types and properties of waves?  (Two types of mechanical waves we investigated were transverse and compression waves.  We explored the relationships between frequency,  wavelengths, energy transfer, and amplitude. The pulse travels down the coiled spring in both kinds of waves, but the pulse itself travels parallel to the movement of energy in a compression wave, while it travels perpendicular to the path of energy in a transverse wave. The energy transferred along the wave increases when either the amplitude or frequency increases.)

  • What is the difference between frequency and amplitude? ( The difference between frequency and amplitude is in how often the pulse is produced vs. how much energy is put into each pulse.)

  • What was evidence that energy was being transferred along the coiled spring?  (One must be able to support your assertions with observational evidence using any number of your five senses and/measuring tools. If you have a slinky at home, ask your student to give you a demo.)


Please help your student in setting up a daily routine for how and when they will complete their homework.  Every family is different, but here are some ideas that may work for your student.  Have a space set aside for homework.  Make a list: get home, have a snack, let the dog out, sit down and get started.  Take a break from phones and computers unless it is directly relevant to what the student is working on.  Skip problems you are stuck on and come back to them later.  If they cannot do a problem, come up with one or two questions to ask the next day.  Take short breaks.  

Thank you for all you do to support your student’s learning!

Carrie and India




Students are required to make up math and science assignments that are missing due to absences.  An ‘abs’ in the grade book negatively affects the students grade as if it were ‘missing.’  Students have up to a week after returning from an absence to get this work checked off.  These are not hard and fast rules, but it is generally better for the student, the quicker this takes place.  What they missed is often foundational to what they will work on when they return.



For alternate credit in science, absent students are to:

- Access Jupiter Grades to identify science assignments that are being missed.

- Use the link below to gain digital access to our Interactions in Physical Science Textbook.  

- Read through each Lab Activity we conduct during their absence.

-Write a short summary of the key ideas covered in the Activity

- Write out the vocabulary terms (found in bold in the text) and definitions from the portion of the activity that they missed.  

- When students return they can check this work off with either India or me.

Link to the Interactions in Physical Science Textbook:

*NOTE: Ridgeline Middle School students may ONLY access this link using their ridgeline email address.*

Volunteer Opportunities

MATH! Weekdays Mid to Late Mornings-

Our students can always benefit from math support in the classroom.  If you are comfortable with both  middle school math and students, and have time any day Monday through Thursday between 9:20 and 10:15 or 11:20 and 12:15 please contact me so we can talk about if this volunteer opportunity would be a good match for you.  This is a great way to earn some volunteer hours by supporting our students during math period.  Thanks!