Carrie's Weekly Update 11-5-15

posted Nov 5, 2015, 1:48 PM by Cynthia Friedman

Greetings Middle School Families,

Thank you to all the families who came to conferences this past week.  It seems such a short window of time, but it is very helpful for us to all to connect face to face. By the way, students are always welcome at conferences.  It is not absolutely mandatory, but strongly encouraged.


Upcoming Events  

Friday, November 6th

Grandperson’s Day RSVP Acknowledgement notes go home.

Wednesday, November 11th

No School - Veterans Day

Friday, November 13th

Grandperson’s Day,


Barnes and Noble Book fair  6-8 PM

(Details Below)

Tuesday, November 24th

Send in a couple of vegetables for stone soup.  VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITY:  Please contact Jon, or Carrie to jump on the opportunity to help supervise student vegetable cutting on this day.  The conversation is always entertaining.  

Wednesday, November 25th

Stone Soup. Families are welcome! Every person attending is to bring a bowl and utensils.

Thursday, November 26th &  Friday, November  27th

No School - Thanksgiving Holiday


Grandperson’s Day - November 13

Here is the schedule for the day:

10:15 Arrive, sign in, and enjoy refreshments*

10:45 Welcome and introductions

11:15 Montessori presentation

11:45 Visit classrooms and enjoy your sack lunch with your special young person

12:20 Switch classrooms (if you are visiting more than one young person)

1:00 Sign out and depart

·        Allow extra time for parking

·        Bring your own lunch


Barnes & Noble Book Fair – November 13

Classroom Performance Schedule:

         6:00 Kinder – Reciting poems “What is a book?” and “I like fall?”

         6:15 Jon – T.R.U.E. performance

         6:40 Emily – “The Three Little Wolves and the Big Pig”

         6:55 Cheri – Peace readings

         7:10 Eric – “Birth, Life, and Death of a Star”

         7:25 Mary – Sketch

         7:40 Sharon – Scene from Hamlet

         *Commercial breaks between acts provided by Clint’s class


                             All classroom performances will be in the music department this year

Bookfair ID - 11721487

Bookmark making table, teacher’s wish list books, and OBOB books will be in the children’s department.



Science - This week we explored the differences and similarities between mass and weight, and how we can use the mass and volume to decide what material an object is made of.   We asked the questions:

·        How is mass measured?

·        How is mass different from volume?

·        Do gases have mass?

·        What property can help you decide what kind of material an object is made of?

As part of this assignment, students review the concept of a fair test, use information in a data table to answer research questions, and practice writing experiment conclusions.


Personal World - This week in personal world, we ate dried cranberries.  The object of this activity was to be present with the frequently overlooked process of eating.   It’s really amazing when you take a moment to think about where your food came from, how it got to your table, and focus your senses to intensely see, feel, smell, and taste even just one bite of food.  The tongue is remarkably adept at it’s job; it does a lot of work without our conscious assistance.  Try it together at home.  

Also this week, students performed their Personality Type Presentations.  I commend your students for their hard work, ingenuity, and courage.  It’s not easy to stand in front of a room full of people, and your students were gracious, both as presenters and audience members.

Micro-Economy - This week, we will begin work on our Middle School Micro-Economy Logo, discuss financial arrangements, and begin brainstorming possible venues for selling our products.  The students will own these decisions as much as possible.  If you have any venue ideas, leads, or connections for the students to investigate, please contact me via e-mail.  Meanwhile... production continues.

Math- Tuesday we began work in the Pre-Algebra math books.  We begin each math period (Monday through Thursday) by checking the previous day’s assignment, followed by work on the assignment due the following day.  Assignments not completed in school are homework!  Note, if your student is doing hours of homework, or experiencing lots of tears and stress, please let us know.

Best wishes and heartfelt thanks for sharing your students with us,