Carrie's Weekly Update 11-16-17

posted Nov 16, 2017, 1:47 PM by Cynthia Friedman
Upcoming Events
Tuesday, November 21
Send Vegetables for Stone Soup
Wednesday, November 22
Stone Soup - Bring a Bowl and Spoon!
November 23 & 24
Thanksgiving Break
December 2 Student Marketplace
Saturday, 12/9 LuLaRoe Fundraiser 11am-1pm
Mon. 12/11-12/15 Joy of Sharing
Thursday, 12/14 Mod Pizza Fundraiser
Friday, 12/15 Grandparents’ Day (pre-registration required-please contact office for details!)
Mon. 12/18-Tues. 1/2
NO SCHOOL – Winter Break
Wednesday, 1/3 Class Resumes

Stone Soup - Our annual Stone Soup Celebration is Wednesday, November 22nd.

Ridgeline volunteers will cook the stone soup outside the front of the school on Wednesday, and the soup will be served for an early afternoon snack following an all-school assembly. Your student should still bring a sack lunch from home that day to eat in the late morning!

Students will eat in their classrooms and parents are welcome to join us for both the assembly and the soup.

Please bring $2 per person on Wednesday, November 22 Theatrical Live Looping & Story Telling with Cullen Vance who leads a high-energy performance combining theatrical storytelling and live looping electric violin!

Bring a BOWL and SPOON on Wednesday, November 22

If you are leaving early with your student(s), be sure to sign them out in the office. School dismisses at the regular time, 3:05pm.

Allergic to Soup?
All of our soups are vegetarian. If your child has special dietary requirements, please consider sending in some “safe soup” from home.


This Chapter’s questions are: “How do scientists measure the amount of “stuff” in an object?” and “What are some properties of objects that help you decide what kind of material they are made of?” Our focus in this chapter is on establishing a foundation of understanding of the relationship between the mass, weight, volume, and density of an object . Some key questions from this week are:

What is mass? How is it measured?
How is mass different from volume?

Do gases have mass? We conducted an experiment in which we filled a soccer ball with air and found that it significantly increased in weight. We asked the question, “If that is evidence that air has mass, then does helium have mass? This leads to a conversation about density, the subject of the following question.

“What property can help you decide what kind of material an object is made of?”

We BEGIN each math period (Monday through Thursday) by checking the assignment listed due for that day. This means that the assignment due that day is to be finished BEFORE math period begins. The student will be given full credit for accurate and properly accomplished math problems complete by the beginning of the period. Students receiving below 80% can makeup unfinished and incorrect problems by the next math period. They will be given half credit for these late problems. Students must show their work when steps are involved. Assignments not completed in school are homework! NOTE: If your student is doing hours of homework, or experiencing lots of tears and stress, please let us know. We want your student challenged but not overwhelmed. We want them comfortable accessing the support available in their learning community. Drop us a note, and encourage them to come talk to us during the morning break.

Volunteer Opportunities

MATH! Weekdays Mid to Late Mornings-
Our students can always benefit from math support in the classroom. If you are comfortable with both middle school math and students, and have time any day Monday through Thursday between 9:20 and 10:15 or 11:20 and 12:15 please contact me so we can talk about if this volunteer opportunity would be a good match for you. This is a great way to earn some volunteer hours by supporting our students during math period. Thanks!

Thank you for supporting your student’s learning!
Carrie and India

For Your Reference

Students are required to make up math and science assignments that are missing due to absences. An ‘abs’ in the grade book negatively affects the students grade as if it were ‘missing.’ Students have up to a week after returning from an absence to get this work checked off. These are not hard and fast rules, but it is generally better for the student, the quicker this takes place. What they missed is often foundational to what they will work on when they return.

Science Make-Up
For alternate credit in science, absent students are to:

- Access Jupiter Grades to identify math and science assignments that are being missed.

- Use the link below to gain digital access to our Interactions in Physical Science Textbook.

- Read through each Lab Activity we conduct during their absence.

-Write a short summary of the key ideas covered in the Activity

- Write out the vocabulary terms (found in bold in the text) and definitions from the portion of the activity that they missed.

- When students return they can check this work off with either India or me.

Link to the Interactions in Physical Science Textbook:

Ridgeline Middle School students may ONLY access this link using their ridgeline email address.