Carrie's Weekly Update 11-16-16

posted Nov 17, 2016, 12:38 PM by Cynthia Friedman


November 18th


November 22nd

Bring Vegetables for Stone Soup

November 23rd

Stone Soup-Students are to bring a bowl, spoon, and $2

November 24th and 25th

NO SCHOOL - Thanksgiving Holiday

December 3rd

RCO Craft Fair and Breakfast


STONE SOUP (next week) - Please remind your students to bring veggies on Tuesday and a bowl, spoon, and $2 (for the school assembly performance) on Wednesday.

Barnes & Noble Book Fair November 18
A percentage of the book fair purchases at Barnes & Noble will go to Ridgeline. This includes friends’ and family purchases at stores around the country! Just give them the book fair ID number 12002556. All purchases need to be made November 18-23. You must tell the cashier you are with the book fair and give the ID number for it to count toward the book fair.

Features at the book fair this year:

Welcome table inside the front door of the bookstore for Ridgeline families to get a book fair schedule and bookfair ID sticker. This sticker will assist Barnes & Noble staff in identifying book fair shoppers to ensure that all qualifying purchases count towards our book fair.
All performances will be in the music area.

Teacher’s wish list book bins and OBOB books will be in the children’s department, along with the bookmark-making table.

Performance Schedule:
6:00pm Diana – Reciting poems “What is a Book?” and “I like Fall.”
Kindergarten singing with Middle School
Middle School – T.R.U.E. performance
6:25pm Eric's Class - limericks and haikus
6:37pm Cheri's Class - 2 or 3 songs
6:48pm Emily's Class – poetry recital
7:00pm book buying break!
7:15pm Clint's Class - Greek play "That City is Mine"
7:30pm Mary's Class – “Aesop's Fables"

Math -
Math is about applying processes and patterns. Students are asked to solve problems using specific methods designed to expose students to the skills necessary for grasping concepts down the road. When giving a lesson to the Algebra group, I frequently refer to previously learned processes in order to facilitate understanding of new concepts. Students are required to try different methods, and apply material in new ways to gain math fluency. Thank you for helping your student to understand that practice and flexibility are the road to mastery.

Students rotated around the room evaluating each “Earth’s Interior” presentation against a rubric. They then reflected on their own group’s success in each aspect of the assignment requirements. What made information easier or more difficult to digest? How did groups organize information differently? How effective were their choices? What are the elements in a strong presentation? Why?

Students are working on a variety of projects. Some are making masks, some felting, some making printing blocks, some improving drawing skills. Each to their own!

Room 7 Volunteer Opportunities
Room 7’s washrags need laundering every two weeks or so. If you are keen on earning some volunteer hours and helping us keep our tables clean, drop me a line and we’ll set something up.

Carrie and Taylor