Carrie's Weekly Update 10-8-15

posted Oct 8, 2015, 12:54 PM by Cynthia Friedman

“The happiest people don’t necessarily have the best of everything.  They just make the best of everything they have.” - Unknown


Greetings Middle School Families,

As we begin Trimester 1, I have to say that your students are adjusting well to the routine, and expectations.  This is a great group!  Your student is partly responsible for that fact.  It is paramount to Jon and I that we get to know each student as an individual.  We are giving assignments that have the students practice communication and metacognitive skills while they teach us and each other about themselves.  This multidimensional view into each other facilitates community bonding, and is key to a healthy learning environment.  Besides, it’s fun to talk story in innovative ways.


Reminder:  Return your signed technology agreement! Students who have not done this will not be able to use classroom computers. It must be signed with the full legal signature of both parent and child, and returned to the office.  Need a copy?  Pick it up at the Ridgeline front desk.


Upcoming Events

Sat Oct 17  Outdoor Work Party 1pm - 3pm

Starting October 19 Parent Support Group at Ridgeline:

Have you ever noticed that managing your kids can sometimes be stressful?  Do you find yourself repeating directions and wondering if your kids are listening?  Do you find yourself in power struggles from time to time?   Join the club!  Starting October 19, Ridgeline Montessori will be hosting a 7 week series of Parent Support meetings geared toward enhancing parent tools for helping kids cooperate quickly and easily.  Childcare will be provided!  The group will be facilitated by Oregon Community Programs.  Please come and share your insights, experience, and questions.  Additional information can be found in this week's handouts or contact Cynthia Friedman (


Volunteer Opportunities

To Do:

Practical Life, repairing books, organizing materials, organizing files, laminating posters, etc.  Call or text me for details.



Practical Life -  Next week,  Micro-Economy students continue to present their product ideas to the “board.”  Some have begun production, and some will continue development. The students are enthusiastic about their projects.  They have a variety of great ideas.  Once we are rolling with production, we will begin discussions and plans for presenting our products to potential consumers and commercial venues.  


Science - This week, we continued or work in Chapter 2: Describing Interactions. The students continue to grapple with the challenge of describing an interaction using only directly observed evidence, not opinion (previous knowledge).

The questions we explored in Activities 2 and 3 this week:

· What are the defining characteristics of a magnetic interaction?

· What are some defining characteristics of an electric-charge interaction?

· What are some similarities and differences between the magnetic and electric-charge interactions?

Personal World - This week in Mindfulness we discussed whether or not money makes you happy.  As ever, I was impressed by the quality of our discussion. Some students made the distinction that it is what they could do with the money that made them happy, while others said, no it is relationships with people that are the key to happiness. We wrapped up our discussion by focusing our mindful attention on sending positive thoughts to someone we cared about, and found that in many cases, that focus gave us a feeling of happiness.  

Your students also began a small presentation project this week in personal world.  They gathered in groups according to their Myers Briggs personality type, and are going to use their strengths (from the VARK learning styles test) to teach the class about themselves.  From raps, to interviews, to brochures, the vehicles are wide open.  We’re having fun with this.

Have a great weekend,