Carrie's Weekly Update 10-6-16

posted Oct 6, 2016, 1:31 PM by Cynthia Friedman
Wednesday, October 5 - Bike & Walk to School Day
Tuesday, October 11 - Laughing Planet Fundraiser


Announced Fire Drill – The first fire drill of the year will take
place Friday at 11:25am. As an “announced” drill you may tell your
students in advance and help them prepare and/or practice prior to the
actual drill. Contact Chrystell if you have any questions.

Appropriate Shoes for PE! – Please remind your students (and their
parents in your weekly letter) to wear athletic type shoes on PE days.
Lyndsay has had several kids wearing boots/sandals and unsafe footwear
and some falls have occurred because of wearing the wrong shoes with
no traction.   Appropriate shoes would be closed toe tennis shoes.


We are off and rolling.  Taylor and I are checking each student’s math
journal a few times a week for organization and legibility.  The goal
is to learn math skills, and concepts.  It is much more difficult for
students to learn math when they have work habits that inherently lead
to error.  Now, while students are still reviewing concepts, Taylor
and I are being very particular about presentation and organization in
their math Journal.

Math Journal Requirements
*Each assignment must be titled, with the section and page numbers
clearly written across the top of the first page.

Student work must:

be legible. If someone else cannot decipher the numbers, then it is not legible.
be written in pencil run in columns, in sequence from the top to the bottom of the page.

be written on both the front and back of each notebook page
show each step in the problem solving process on the line below the
previous line (students are not to use scratch paper. All work must be
shown neatly in the math journal.)

the answer is to be written alone on the last line of the problem.

*If the student draws lines between each problem, the problem should
be completed before drawing the next line. Thus the student will have
plenty of space to complete the problem without the cramping of work
that leads to confusion and error.

Students finished up drawing elevational contour lines on their Earth
structure models, wrote open book assessments of their Earth structure
region, and began work on group presentations on the material. The
assessments should be the student’s best effort at legibility and
grammar.  Student notes on each presentation will focus on
similarities and differences to the topography in their own region,
and then propose some theories about the geologic activity responsible
for creating the kinds of earth structures in the region. Students are
to use a presentation rubric to guide their preparations, and are to
use a group process rubric to evaluate and take steps to improve upon
their group process.

Please encourage your student to bring running shoes, a water bottle,
and flexible clothing, every Tuesday and Thursday for running! We’re
high fivin’, feeling great, and getting thirsty!  We run rain (not
deluges) or shine out on the Amazon trail.  On rainy days, if we
forget our rain gear, no worries, I know how to make an emergency
poncho with some scissors and a fresh garbage bag.

This week we are learning drawing techniques to gauge the height/width
proportions of our subject, and implementing the use of vanishing
points in our work.
Note: This class is pass/no pass.  Students are to produce art
projects according to specific assignment criteria, participate
productively in group discussions, and maintain on task behavior.
Art Concepts and Skills
Negative Space-Proportion-Perspective-Contour Lines-Creating Depth of
Form-Framing and Design-Rule of Three-Golden Ratio-Carving-Working
Three Dimensionally with Paper, Animal Fiber, Plaster, etc.
Art Assignments
(Depending on time and group Interest)
Handmade Paper-Notan Paper Cuts-Drawing: Proportion and Single
Vanishing Point-Name with Vanishing Point-Two Vanishing Points-Block
Print Design-Block Print Product-Hand Bound Book-Paper Mache
Product-Plaster Masks-Needle Felted Product-Wet Felted Product-Final
Project Proposal-Final Project-Art Show Installation

A Note From Taylor about her electives Nature Walks, and Mythbusters:
Nature Walks
We are focusing on experiencing nature, recognizing what aspects of
nature are important to each of us, and then communicating that
experience to others via a variety of methods. Examples of
communication include field journals, poetry, creative writing,
research projects, posters, etc. During Nature Walks we will learn
about our local flora, fauna, and systems; and our connection to these
surroundings. The students each have a field notebook and a field
journal. So far, we have walked from Ridgeline along the Rexius trail
and toward Spencer's Butte taking notes about our surroundings and
noticing the native plants in our area. Field journals are the place
for students to form a collection of polished work from traditional
naturalist style entries to fictional stories or poems. Students are
receiving credit for participating by going on walks, for their
notebook and for journal entries. The class is Pass (70%)  or  No

Using the popular TV show as a guide, we will come up with common
myths or ideas to bust or support via the scientific process. We will
plan experiments to answer our questions and use the evidence we
gather to bust some myths! So far, the Ridgeline Mythbusters have come
up with several great ideas for experiments including: "Does sodium
polyacrylate (expanding snow) break glass?" and "Can we create an
instant smoke-bomb like in a movie?" The students are receiving credit
for participating in planning, brainstorming, creating experimental
procedures and participating in experiments. Eventually, we will share
our experiment experiences and results with our community. The class
is Pass (70%) or No Pass.

Best Regards,
Carrie and Taylor