Carrie's Weekly Update 10-28-15

posted Oct 28, 2015, 10:07 AM by Cynthia Friedman

Greetings Middle School Families,


Upcoming Events  

Friday, October 30th


Monday, November 2nd

No School - Conferences and Clothing Exchange

Wednesday, October 28th

Picture Re-Takes

Wednesday, November 4th

Grandperson’s Day RSVP Deadline

Wednesday, November 11th

No School - Veterans Day

Friday, November 13th

Grandperson’s Day,


Barnes and Noble Book fair  6-8 PM

Wednesday, November 25th

Stone Soup

Thursday, November 26th &  Friday, November  27th

No School - Thanksgiving Holiday



Science - This week’s questions: “How do scientists measure the amount of “stuff” in an object?” and “What are some properties of objects that help you decide what kind of material they are made of?”    We are learning how to use scientific measuring implements, how to label units properly, and what method to use when measuring the volume and mass of a variety of substances.

·        What is a meniscus, and how do you read the water level in a graduated cylinder?

·        How would you decide to use the calculation method or the liquid-pouring method to measure volume?


Personal World - Last week we had a conversation about how we can make our fears grow to ridiculous proportions when we let our imaginations run wild.  Our activity in Mindfulness this week illustrated the difference we can make in the intensity of any emotion,  just by how we focus our attention.  

I read a short list of scenarios to the class.  The first time we heard the list, we made our emotions stronger by focusing intently on our feelings, and elaborating on the story with our imaginations.  Then we heard the same list of scenarios, and just labeled our responses as pleasant or unpleasant.  

Here are some examples from the list of scenarios that I read:

·        You’re being tickled.

·        You are very hungry after school.   When you get home, there’s nothing good to eat.

·        A friend is angry at you for something you did.

·        Someone gives you a gift when you didn’t expect it.

Also this week, students are performing their Personality Type Presentations.  Students have been having fun and working hard.  We are in for a treat!

Math - This coming Tuesday we begin work in the Pre-Algebra math books. The work we have been doing on fractions will serve them well in this introduction to algebra.  We will meet in our math groups every day (Monday through Thursday) to review yesterday’s assignment, and begin the assignment due the following day.  Assignments not completed in school are homework!  

See you at conferences,