Carrie's Weekly Update 10-22-15

posted Oct 23, 2015, 9:24 AM by Cynthia Friedman

Greetings Middle School Families,


Upcoming Events

Saturday, October 24th

Join us for a Work Party to finish the pathway in the north field from 10am – 3pm

Saturday, October 24th

 Celebrate our community at our DDD Skate World Costume Party!  4:30pm

Friday, October 30th


Monday, November 2nd

No School - Conferences

Wednesday, October 28th

Picture Re-Takes

Wednesday, November 4th

Grandperson’s Day RSVP Deadline

Wednesday, November 11th

No School - Veterans Day

Friday, November 13th

Grandperson’s Day,


Barnes and Noble Book fair  6-8 PM

Wednesday, November 25th

Stone Soup

Thursday, November 26th &  Friday, November  27th

No School - Thanksgiving Holiday



Practical Life -  Micro-Economy students continue to work through the product production process.   


Science - This week, we shift our focus towards answering the question, “How do scientists measure the amount of “stuff” in an object?” and “What are some properties of objects that help you decide what kind of material they are made of?”    We will be distinguishing between the mass, volume, and density of solids, liquids, and gases.  For some students these concepts will be more or less review.  These students will concentrate their efforts on using clear, concise, descriptive language to craft scientific descriptions of observational evidence.  

Personal World - This week in Mindfulness we focused on facing fear and counting our breaths.  We shared “scary” stories, and explored how our imaginations make things out to be scarier than they really are. One of our reflection questions was, “Can you identify a time that if you had known about mindfulness it could have helped you?”

Also this week, students are wrapping up their work on their Personality Type Presentations.  They are to use the provided rubric to guide them with the criteria and constraints of the assignment.  Drafts of the projects were due this week, and the final draft is to be ready to present this coming Wednesday and Thursday.  Students have had three weeks to work on this in class, as well as time on Fridays, and during study hall.  Their tackling this assignment with enthusiastic ingenuity.  I love my job.


Math - We continue to focus on improving the organization and structure of our written math assignments.  Assignments are to be titled, legible, clearly numbered, and show one’s mental process.  Help us help your student.  Please support your student in understanding that a little effort to be organized up front helps save effort along the way.  Building these habits now will help them succeed in high school and beyond.  

Enjoying the fall leaves,