Carrie's Weekly Update 10-15-15

posted Oct 16, 2015, 12:34 PM by Cynthia Friedman

Greetings Middle School Families,

I am very fortunate to have the privilege to work with such a great community of staff, students, and families.  Ridgeline is a great place to be.

 Upcoming Events

Saturday, October 17

Outdoor Work Party 1pm - 3pm

Friday, October 30th


Monday, November 2nd

No School - Conferences

Friday, November 13th

Barnes and Noble Book fair  6-8 PM

Wednesday, November 11th

No School - Veterans Day

 Outdoor Work Party this Saturday, October 17th

Paver Path Installation 10am-3pm

Grounds Clean-up 1-3pm

We need your help and an RSVP for the following:

Paver installation helpers Saturday morning – We are in need of at least 5 committed volunteers to meet Shannon Ladner (from UofO DesignBridge) at Ridgeline this Saturday, October 17th from 10am-1pm to assist with the paver installation for the path to the outdoor classroom (installation will continue from 1-3pm). The pavers include the buy-a-brick bricks.   If you have a brick, perhaps you would like to help install it for the full experience!

Do you have any of the following items? We need to borrow (or have a volunteer purchase) several items for the paver path installation:

1.      Hand saw to cut plastic edging

2.      2x4 or similar sized piece of wood at least 4.5 ft long (to use as a sand screed)

3.      Two metal pipes maybe 5 feet or so long (between 1"-1.5" in diameter - diameter is important, length no so much)

REPLY NOW and let Cynthia know how you will help out this Saturday! Thank you!


Parent Support Group at Ridgeline: Starting October 26

Have you ever noticed that managing your kids can sometimes be stressful?  Do you find yourself repeating directions and wondering if your kids are listening?  Do you find yourself in power struggles from time to time?   Join the club!  Starting October 26, Ridgeline Montessori will be hosting a 7 week series of Parent Support meetings geared toward enhancing parent tools for helping kids cooperate quickly and easily.  Childcare will be provided!  The group will be facilitated by Oregon Community Programs.  Please come and share your insights, experience, and questions.  Additional information can be found in this week's handouts or contact Cynthia Friedman (



Practical Life -  Micro-Economy students continue to work through the product production process.  This week we will begin discussions and plans for presenting our products to potential consumers and commercial venues.  

 Science - This week, we continue to seek the answer to the question, “How can you describe interactions?” Students continue to grapple with the challenge of describing an interaction using only directly observed evidence, not opinion (previous knowledge).  As they attempt to describe key evidence for interactions, they learn communication and analytical skills.  They are learning to think like scientists!

The questions we explored in Activities 4 and 5 this week:

· What are the defining characteristics of an electric-circuit interaction?

· What are some variables that influence and electric-circuit interaction?

· How do electromagnets and buzzers work?

Personal World - This week in Mindfulness we focused on our thoughts and our breath.  

Your students continue their work on small presentations project this week in personal world.  They received a rubric to guide them with the criteria and constraints of the assignment.  This is a fun get to know yourself and others assignment, that provides a forum for using and applying a rubric.  From what I’ve heard so far, the presentations are going to be varied and a blast!  

Math - We will be forming small work groups this coming week.  Students are in different places in the material.  Everyone must begin where they are in order to move forward.  This coming week we will be focusing on organization and structure of our written math assignments.  We will establish expectations for how assignments are to be titled, organized and how to show your mental process in order to keep track of where you are, and easily locate where you might have made an error.  

Thank you for sharing your wonderful students with me,