Carrie's Weekly Update 1-21-16

posted Jan 21, 2016, 9:39 AM by Cynthia Friedman

Greetings Middle School Families,

It’s that time again.  Middle school age students are due to update their immunization status.  Look for the immunization reminders sent home on Thursday of this week.  Please refer any questions to the front office.  

Silverware!  We began the school year with a significant amount of silverware.  At this time, students are using cooking utensils in creative ways to eat their lunches.  This week, I witnessed one student eating noodles with tongs, and another eating lasagna with a wooden stirring spoon.  We suspect that some may have accidentally gone home in lunches.  If you see any unfamiliar flatware, or if you have any extra flatware, the middle school classroom would appreciate an influx.  Thank you.




School Board Recognition Month!

Thurs. Jan 21st

Immunization Reminders Sent Home

Fri Jan 22nd

Re-enrollment Forms Sent Home

January 22nd, 6-7:30pm

Talent Show

Tuesday, February 2nd

6-7:30 pm

RCO meeting

Friday, February 19th

5-7 pm

Pasta Dinner with student Vendor Tables



Personal World - In mindfulness this week, we explored the benefits of letting each moment “be.”   Our focus was on emotions in particular.  It is in a general sense appropriate to show certain emotions in public, and not others.  Often when we have a difficult emotion we put it off because it is inappropriate, or uncomfortable. The ultimate effect of this putting off, causes the emotion to continue to affect how we function. In a sense, we are holding on to it.  This holding on can result in other masking emotions presenting more often.  Just a few examples are anger, irritability, impatience, numbness.  When we are in a safe place, we can be present with the emotion. Allow it to just be there.  As a result we can find relief, and clarity of motivation and action.  Thus we can better come to a place of responding rather than reacting to difficult situations. Perhaps, we can even find a new way to respond to our siblings. Who knows?


Science - Most students have wrapped up their projects, and presented their Graphs and Conclusions in class.  Bravo, all your hard work has paid off!  

We now return to our work through the science curriculum. Unit 2 builds on several types of interactions we have studied in the past, but we will now explore and describe these and other interactions in terms of energy.  Specifically, we will create and model the source and receiver of energy in various magnetic, electric-charge, electric circuit, mechanical, and light interactions.  


Math - Room 11 math groups took chapter tests this week, and will be moving on to the next chapter next week.  


Friday Explorations -  

The Cookie Crew, with their smiling faces and delicious chocolate chip cookies, will be presiding over a cookie booth at the Pasta Dinner on February 19th.  Please drop by.

The Culinary Explorers are going to try their hands at making Ethiopian Berbere Sauce, consisting of over 13 herbs and spices.   This group will be cooking a different meal each Friday.  Each student is to bring part of the recipe to school on Thursday morning.  This way we can do any marinating, or other early prep work in good time.  Ask your student about Friday explorations.  They are having a blast.


Have a Wonderful Week,