Carrie's Weekly Update 1-12-16

posted Jan 13, 2016, 10:58 AM by Cynthia Friedman

Greetings Middle School Families,


January 22, 6pm

Talent Show

January 18th

NO SCHOOL- Martin Luther King Jr Day



Personal World - In mindfulness last week, we practiced mindful walking. Many found it to be quite a challenge to analyze something we do so automatically and unconsciously.   It is a good analogy though for looking at our own behavior, especially in terms of our automatic responses.  We may think that behaviors are inherent, but some behavior we learned a long time ago (not quite as long ago for them).  If a behavior doesn’t quite work for us, it may be awkward and uncomfortable, but we can make the choice to change it.. This week Personal World we read the poem "Autobiography in Five Short Chapters" by Portia Nelson. We had a great discussion coming up with metaphors for ‘sidewalk’ and ‘hole.’ Ask your students what the poem might have to do with the challenges we faced practicing mindful walking.  Late in this week we focused on the importance of self care.  The heart is a great metaphor for this concept.  It pumps blood to itself first! It must relax in order to let the blood into its chambers so that when it contracts, work is accomplished.  Self care is not a luxury, it is key to productive work time.

Science - Students are wrapping up their projects, and presenting their Data and Conclusions in class.  In following through with scientific investigations, students applied problem solving, record keeping, and critical thinking skills. It is in recognizing our mistakes, backtracking, and wrestling with solutions that we do our best learning.  This is one of the aspects of their investigation experience that I am encouraging them to focus on in their presentations.  When we can embrace our mistakes, we can open ourselves to personal growth whether it be academic, emotional, interpersonal, athletic or otherwise.

Math - Students must show their work in math. The problems must be worked down the page rather than across. Not only are these are necessary habits for success in advanced math, but I can help students who are struggling, if I can see their thought process on the page. Many students are not completing their math assignments. The assignments are in Jupiter Grades. The assignment due each day is to be completed before class begins.

Friday Explorations -  The Cookie Crew is fundraising for our Adventure Trip with Friday cookie sales.  They used their lunch hour this week to make and hang posters. The funds raised each year will reduce a good chunk of individual family expense.  Thank you Cookie Crew, and thank you to parent Dee Riley for making this possible by shopping for the ingredients. The Culinary Explorers are making Borscht with dark rye bread this Friday.  

Forward Ever,