Carrie's Update 5-8-2020

posted May 8, 2020, 10:28 AM by Cynthia Friedman

Room 7 Update - Week of 5/4/- 5/8 2020

Warm Up:  Would You Rather

Here’s a few questions we may have pondered and discussed, sometimes with great vigor, while we are doing attendance at the start of our Zoom Meetings.

  • Would you rather live without music or movies for the rest of your life?

  • Would you rather never set foot in your home country again, but be able to travel the world, or stay in your country forever and never be able to leave?

  • Would you rather give up your phone or all other computers/tablets/e-readers in your life?

Dear Middle School Families,

I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation for our amazing students and families who continue to show up with all the challenges each of you face every day. Our community has amazing resilience. It is a testament to the strength of our commitment, that Ridgeline in general, and the middle school in particular, continue to have such amazing attendance and participation rates in this challenging time. Honestly, some days it is all I can do to get up and get dressed in the morning. I am motivated by the opportunity to see my students and hopefully get some joking and ribbing in, and watch them banter and play with each other for a few minutes during attendance, among other things, about whether they’d rather be super fast or super strong, or some other extreme “Would You Rather” option.  


Sadly, our end of the year field trips are cancelled for this year. Happily, the UofO college students who worked so hard to create the curriculum for the Majestic Trees (Canopy Connections) field trip, are excited to offer these to our students in Zoom sessions.  Students have the option to attend any or all of these Thursday morning lessons (10-10:30 am) for the next few weeks.  I am offering science extra credit to students who attend, participate, and complete a small follow up activity.  Links were sent out via Jupiter Edl.




Students are to collect all of the completed and edited portions of their science projects into a Google Slides Presentation, due this week. A complete checklist, titled (Carrie's) Science Project Presentation Checklist, has been provided for students to use as a template for their project format. Students are to save a copy to their drive and rename it with their name replacing mine.  They do not have to follow it exactly as to which components are on which pages together, but they do need all the components in the order listed. This document is designed so that students can check off each part of the project after they enter it into the slide show.

 All portions were due over the last few weeks. Students are to read comments and questions offered by myself and India, and address them as revisions. Most have already done this.  They are to submit their final draft as this full Google Slides Document.  India and I will do one last edit, that students will then have a chance to revise one last time before sharing with the class.  

This is so exciting!  There are many really great projects that students obviously put lots of effort into.  I love this final stage of this project, where students teach and learn from each other!


Students in this class are working through sections in which they are converting units of measurement (weight, length, capacity). The most important aspect of these assignments is for students to show the process for setting up and cancelling values and units, when converting.  They are to multiply the given value/unit by unit fractions (with the unit they are converting to in the denominator). They are to clearly show the process of cancelling.  Just writing the answer is not sufficient.  The whole point is for students to practice the mathematical process described in detail in the book. 

In math in general, if students do not show their own work, this will affect their notebook grade which is heavily weighted.  As students are given the answers to all their math problems, they are checking their own work, and turning in photos of their work digitally. It is imperative that I see their understanding of the processes on the page. This way I can see where there are patterns of errors or misunderstanding that I need to address.

Thank you for all you do to support your students at home. Please encourage your students to contact us via email, and show up to office hours with questions! 



Greetings Middle Schoolers:

Thank you for sharing your art with me! I know online school can be a little overwhelming, but you should now be in the swing of this new normal. If you are doing art on your own - please send me pictures. I miss you, I want to hear from you : )

This week please choose to do the assignment below - or (as always) come up with your own option.

Drawing With Shapes 

1. 👀 Watch this video ( about how to draw animals using simple shapes as a framework. 

2. Pause the video and draw along using the examples in the video —OR—find your own images of animals and do drawings using those. 

3. Take a picture of your work & send it to me at

* Note: the link in the video to “” does not work. Instead, type in “animals” or “scientific illustration animals” in Google Images to find other animal pictures to work with.

PE from DAN

Hello guys,

Hope all is well with you and miss your faces! I know most kids have mailed it in by now but I will keep sending PE activities over anyway. This one is easy and fun!

Make sure to minimize your space and challenge yourselves. Stay active and hope all is well!

PE Link:


Eugene Public Library - With public buildings closed, the Eugene Public Library is expanding free online access in order to support area students and community members by registering new card holders via phone. People who live outside the Eugene city limits will be eligible for temporary cards at no charge. Library online resources for students include free access to Britannica Library and live tutoring service. Additionally, a library card gives free access to subscription sites such as for technology and career skills, Mango Languages for language learners, and more. The library also offers hundreds or thousands of online items such as e-books, audio-books, streaming movies and shows, music and magazines. In recent weeks, library staff have increased the number of online titles and copies of popular titles to further expand choices and availability.