Carrie's Update 5-31-19

posted May 31, 2019, 1:19 PM by Cynthia Friedman

June 6

8th Grade Graduation

June 7

Grading Day - NO SCHOOL

June 10-13

Middle School Spring Trip!

June 14

Last Day of School!

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A number of students, proctored by Maizzy or India in Room 11, were still taking their state math (and science-8th graders only) tests this week, .  Betsy will be accommodating the few remaining testers this coming week. Meanwhile we are continuing our regular academic routine through the end of next week. It’s not over yet. We can do this!


Friday, May 31st is the last Cookie Sale of the year!! Not only will we have cookies and popcorn, but the gardening elective has produced a few spring starts to contribute to our spring trip fundraising! We will have milkweed, swiss chard, pole beans, summer squash, beets, and more for sale. These plants will be available for a half hour after school all next week as well.  Pleased do drop by Room 7 if you would like to support the middle school, grow your garden, and do your part to save the Monarch butterfly!!


Plants available for sale this Friday:

6-packs - $3 each

2” pots - $2 each

1” pots - $1 each

Milkweed (Save the Monarch!)

Milkweed (Save the Monarch!)


Swiss Chard



Life Science

Canopy Connections - A great opportunity for our young people to connect with the natural world!  


On the Canopy Connections field trip, we enjoyed a perfectly overcast, cool Oregon day in the deep woods. This is a rejuvenating experience I look forward to sharing with our new batch of students every year.  The kids were great, of course. For the tree climbing activity, everyone put on gear and tested their comfort zone (wherever it may be), working their way up the ropes strung in the old growth Douglas Fir. The Canopy Connections staff  included a quiet reflective time in the rotation of activities. Students took turns walking solo down a wooded path, stopping to read prompts designed to encourage a reflective, present state of awareness. What a rich experience for our young people, practicing both outward and inward journeys and challenges.

This week in science, we learned about Gregor Mendel, the father of modern genetics.  After building “Reeze-Ot” organisms based on their gene code and a key, we studied how Mendel used the scientific process to discover how pea plants pass on their genes.  

Questions from this lesson:

  1. Mendel was a scientist who lived a long time ago, but Mendel used the same processes scientists use today.  What scientific processes did Mendel use to make his discoveries?

  2. Mendel began his experiment by crossing two true-breeding plants (Generation 1), one tall (TT) and one short (tt). What was the genotype of each plant? [tall (TT), short (tt)]

When these plants were crossed, they produced the next generation of plants called Generation 2 (G2).  What was the genotype of each G2 plant?

G3 is the result of crossing the two G2 plants. Write the two possible trait combinations of the three ‘Generation 3’ tall plants. The trait combination for tall plants can be either ______ or ________, and the trait combination for the short G3 plant is _______.

  1. The two ‘Generation 1’ plants are true breeding.  What does that mean, and why was that important for Mendel’s experiments?

  2. How would you carry out crosses to find out if any of the three tall plants in Generation 3 were true breeding tall plants?

  3. How would you carry out crosses to find out if any of the three tall plants in Generation 3 were masking a trait for shortness?

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Carrie and India


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