Carrie's Update 4-13-2020

posted Apr 14, 2020, 9:02 AM by Cynthia Friedman
Opportunity to pick student belongings/supplies!! Directions for how at the end of this email!

Our Middle School Family,
Last week felt very long, filled as it was with so much newness! It was a balm for my spirit to see everyone's faces again, and do the work of building our new routines.

Zoom Meetings
Students will continue to use all the Zoom meeting links sent out previously. For your convenience, I have included them again at the end of this email. Note: Passwords are not necessary. They are embedded in the links.
Students wait in the waiting room to get admittance. It is a good idea to sign in a few minutes early. Roll is taken (in Jupiter Ed) at the beginning of every Zoom meeting. After taking attendance, I will begin the lesson/ directions for the next assignment. We are meeting for short periods, and it is very important that students arrive on time in order to get all the necessary information. Students, please turn on your video, and turn off your mike as you come in. Raise your (digital hand) if you have a question or response. When called on, if your computer gets glitchy with both video and sound, turn off the video while speaking, then turn it back on when not speaking. I feel it is important for us to see each others' faces as much as possible for normalcy and connectivity.

All assignments due this week are to be found in Jupiter Ed., except for Art and PE assignments, which will be found at the end of each of these weekly communications.

Students continue to have math and science assignments due M-Th. We are working out the technical issues relatively well. Please encourage your student(s) to come to office hours with India or myself (between 2 and 3 M-Th) if they are having any trouble. We are thrilled to see their faces and help with any issues!
A Notebook Check assignment will continue to be part of math grades throughout the rest of the year. India and I will base it on the pictures of completed mathwork turned in by students over the course of each week. A rubric is embedded in each Notebook Check assignment. The criteria and point breakdown are:
Notebook Rubric:
/2 - Clear visible picture showing all work.
/2 - Written work clearly shown step by step process working down the page.
/2 - Completer header with percentage calculated.
/2 - Legible writing

This Week in Science:
  1. Science Project Background Research Spreadsheet. This should be completed by the beginning of your students first science class this week.
  2. Create and turn in an Experiment Data Table designed specifically to record the results of the experiment students will conduct by next week. Students will fill in the data when they conduct their experiments. This should be completed by the beginning of your students second science class this week.
  3. Gather Project Materials, take a picture, and turn it in. This should be completed by the beginning of your students second science class this week.
  4. Students are to conduct experiments over the weekend. This should be completed by the beginning of your students first science class this coming week.

ART from Melanie!

PE from Dan!
(I sent this out (early) in my last letter home.)

Before the video starts I would like the students to run and touch each door in the house!
Please have students familiarize themselves with the video the first time through and instead of them holding the lightsaber, the students can absolutely use a broom, foam noodle, anything to give a little weight or even visual to go along with the video. This video is perfect for exercises and rest time in between, and as always it should be fun!!! Each exercise is 20 seconds long, I would like them to add a little time if the exercises aren't challenging. I would like for the students to go through the video 3x. 

Any questions, please let me know! 
Hope all is well!

Opportunity to pick student belongings/supplies!!
Middle school personal belongings distribution Tuesday, April 14 5-7pm in the Ridgeline drop off/pick up circle.

Here is what you need to know. Parents are to come pick up items. Please do not send your student as we are working hard to minimize interactions between people, and want to keep both your family and Ridgeline staff safe!

1. Arrive at school anytime between 5-7pm. Pull into the pick up circle. REMAIN IN YOUR VEHICLE. (Please do not ride a bicycle).

2. India and Clark will be on site to give you a bag with your student's belongings in it. Please BRING A SIGN WITH YOUR STUDENT'S NAME(s) on it to hold up in the window of your vehicle so India & Clark know who you are. They will bring the bag to you in your car. If other families arrive at the same time please remain in your vehicle until they are able to get to you.

Warmest Regards,
Carrie and India


Directions for Turning in Math Assignments can be found in the math assignment:
--------"Directions for How to Turn in Your Math Notebook Photo."    Due 4/2 ---------
NOTE: All students have this same assignment due the same day in all math classes.