Carrie's Update 3-5-2020

posted Mar 5, 2020, 10:55 AM by Cynthia Friedman

One mission, One Vision, One School, One Community

Please click the link below to get-up-to date calendar information.

Full Calendar: 

Upcoming Events

Friday 4/6

Middle School Field Day at the Park

Friday 4/6

Middle School Dance-See Info Below

March 23-27

NO SCHOOL- Spring Break

Thursday 4/30

Majestic Trees/Tree to Tree Field Trips


Health & Cleanliness 

The middle school has implemented additional handwashing steps shared by principal Michelle. In addition, we have made adjustments to student jobs to reduce the spread of germs.  We are no longer using sponges or reusable cloths. Instead, we are using paper towels to clean classroom surfaces. We are committed to the health of our community!

This Friday is the Middle School Dance! 

We're very excited to bring some Spring in the Tropics vibes to the Middle School, and hope that you student is planning on attending. 

A few important safety notes:

1. Only current Ridgeline Middle School students are allowed to attend. 

2. Your child must be dropped off and picked up at the dance, unless we receive WRITTEN permission for them to walk home or go home with another student. Please email written permission to: 

3. Please remind your student that they will only be allowed in the gym and nearby hallway, and will not be allowed to wander the campus unsupervised.

Thank you,


Health Class This Term!

"For term five all of the students will be participating in a health class during one of their elective periods. Maizzy will be teaching the six-week curriculum. Here is what Maizzy has to say about it:

Hey there middle school families! 

This week we embarked on a six-week tour through human health and sexuality. From Monday, March 3rd to Thursday, April 16th the students will receive two health lessons a week. We only have twelve lessons to cover such an essential topic! Please see the Oregon State Health Education Standards for 7th and 8th grade if you would like to know what kinds of things will be addressed.

Because we have so few lessons this year, we'd like your help: each week, at least, please ask your student about what was covered in health class! They will be coached to discuss these things with their trusted adults. If we can provide you with any parent resources on a topic, please let us know!"




This week we wrap up Unit 2 Chapter 2 Activities.  Some questions we investigated this week are:

  • How do we evaluate a good analysis, explanation, and diagram, of an interaction?

  • Why is it important to first describe the change in motion of an object?

  • What are the main general steps in the experimental process?

    • Pose a question to investigate (with the manipulated and responding variable clearly defined), 

    • Develop your hypothesis, and supporting reasons.

    • Design your experiment to test your hypothesis (control all your variables).

    • Write your step by step experiment plan (in detail so that others can repeat your experiment precisely).

    • Conduct the experiment (using multiple trials).

    • Organize and analyze your data.

    • Write your conclusion, supporting it with all the data, and only scientific reasoning.

Next week we review Unit 2 and take the Unit 2 Test.


Students are actively encouraged to review their tests, correct their problems and look for patterns of errors to practice reviewing and improving math habits.  Students who choose to do test corrections will receive .5 point for every corrected point. This is actually a significant portion of their grade, because tests are heavily weighted in comparison to homework.  Students are provided with a template on which they can show their test revisions. It is to be neatly stapled over the top of their test. On it, they first figure out their mistake(s) on each problem they missed, rework the problem correctly, then write a note describing what their error was and what they did differently.  The most common kinds of errors are: copied the problem incorrectly, didn’t read the directions carefully, didn’t carry the negative, made a simple operations error, didn’t reduce the final answer, switched up order of operations, didn’t show their work, and/or forgot to label with units. Generally each student will find a pattern where they do one or two of these regularly. These are simple fixes whose only requirement is attention to changing a habit. It takes mindful intention to neglect old habits and work on building new ones..  Each student who is doing this, is steadily improving in their repertoire of math skills!  

For parents with students in CC2, I would like to reiterate that these students have access to their books online.  This is a good resource for getting your head around math concepts in CPM Core Connections, Course 2, Parent Guide with Extra Practice:

Thank you for sharing your amazing students!

Carrie and India


Link to the Interactions in Physical Science Textbook:

NOTE! Ridgeline Middle School students may ONLY access this link using their ridgeline email address.

CPM Core Connections 2 and Core Connections 3 Student EBook sign In:

  1.  Students are to sign in to their Ridgeline Google account using their Ridgeline address.

  2. Go to

  3. Students use the “Sign in with Google” link to sign in to their assigned ebook.

    1. The CPM ebook has supports and homework help for each assignment.

CPM Parent Support Page:

CPM Homework Support

Carrie Culliton
Middle School Teacher