Carrie's Update 10-12-19

posted Oct 21, 2019, 11:53 AM by Cynthia Friedman

Middle School Update Week of 10/10/19

Middle School Family,

A skill with which we are experiencing some growing pains around is maintaining focus on the task at hand. Evidence of strength of focus is choosing to consistently and thoroughly read directions.  In science, this is essential for conducting the experiment correctly and completely. In math, there were some near breakdowns this week when students realized that they did not follow the directions for which problems to do for an assignment.  Breakdowns were narrowly averted when we informed them that we’d accept the problems they did for credit, as long as the student practiced the required range of concepts.


Science - This week, we began work in Chapter 2, in which we conduct experiments to answer the question, “How can you describe interactions?”  Students continue to grapple with the challenge of describing an interaction using only directly observed evidence, not opinion (previous knowledge). 

The questions we explored in Activities 2 and 3

  • What are the defining characteristics of a magnetic interaction? In other words, what pattern of interactions can you observe that indicate an interaction involves two magnets vs a magnet and a magnetic material?  What is a magnetic material, anyway?

  • What are some defining characteristics of an electric-charge interaction?

  • What are some similarities and differences between magnetic and electric-charge interactions?

Math - This week started out pretty rough with many students missing math assignments, but we really pulled it together over the course of the week.  Many students have worked hard to get caught up or almost caught up. Way to go! 

We have slowed down our math assignment process for students working in the CPM curriculum. We often will conduct a lesson during one math period, and correct it the next.  This would mean on the day we spent correcting a math assignment, there would be no homework. Math is a language that must be practiced every day, and you can never have too much practice at this level in manipulating fractions.  On the days we do not require CPM homework we will be requiring the students to do an assignment out of the Martin-Gay Math Packet. Copies of the assignments will be in a green folder that your student is to use as a textbook (not to write in).  There is front matter with excellent examples for how to conduct the problems assigned out of the Exercise Set. Most of the time, the problems assigned will be #3 to some number, every third problem (3,6,9,12,15,...) 

Message from our Middle School Room Parents 

Hi All!

I hope you've all had a really nice week. Thank you for opting in to receive Room Parent update and announcement emails. The goal is not to overload, so I will be working closely with Jon and Carrie to make sure we get you the information that is needed and any fun activities our kiddos might be interested in.

Kathee Palfy and I are here to support and assist you, if needed. Please feel welcome to seek our assistance with anything you might need. We will do our best to help or guide you in the right direction.

Our Jog-a-thon event was a great success...all of our Ridgeline students ran a total of 670 miles! This is your friendly reminder to collect and send in your student's Jog-a-thon pledges! They are due on Monday, October 14th. Remember to get receipts to your donors if they need one for tax purposes. Our fundraising goal for the year is $100,000 and the Jog-a-thon is a significant part of that. Here is the link to the online donation form:

There are a couple of middle school kiddos who would like me to announce that hanging out at Tugman Park on Fridays after school is a fun activity.  It has been an informal tradition with Ridgeline middle schoolers, off and on, for many years. This is NOT a school-sponsored event and you/your student must assume responsibility for your selves.  With that said, I know a few students (my own, Kaiyon, included) who will try to get down there most Fridays when the weather is decent. 

Have a great week and I'll check back in again soon.

~Dena (Adrena) Mohtadi

One mission, One Vision, One School, One Community

Schoolwide News

3rd Attendance Message:


Thank you for being a part of Ridgeline’s community.  Here are a few ways you can help keep your child’s attendance regular.


·      Make appointments with the doctor or dentist in the late afternoon so your child misses as little school as possible.

·      Call the school as soon as you know your child will be absent and tell the school staff why your child will be out and for how long.

·      Be prepared to get a doctor’s note when requested by school personnel.

·      Schedule trips exclusively during school breaks.

·      Reach out to staff, RCO, or the class parents if you don’t feel connected.  Connection matters!


Volunteer Corner

Sadly, not one parent has offered to do our Room 7 laundry!  Please do contact me if you are willing to earn Ridgeline volunteer hours by doing this task once a term.

With Warm Appreciation,

Carrie and India