Carrie's Update - Week of 12/17/19

posted Jan 16, 2020, 8:59 AM by Cynthia Friedman

One mission, One Vision, One School, One Community

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High School Options for 8th Graders

Interested in Eugene IHS ?

If you have 8th grade students interested in Eugene IHS for the 2019-2020 school year, the 4J School Choice Lottery for in-district students opens January 1st and the deadline is January 31st.  We will be holding parent information nights in January. All students interested in enrolling in Eugene IHS must apply through the 4J School Choice Lottery. Students currently enrolled in Eugene IHS do not need to re-apply unless you move outside of the 4J attendance area.

Academy of Arts and Academics in Springfield

We (Academy of Arts and Academics in Springfield) are getting up and running for recruitment for next year, and the Springfield transfer window opens in January. 

(A3 is) particularly interested in (Ridgeline) students because they have been immersed in a whole child environment... We have many students who come from Waldorf and Montessori backgrounds who thrive with our project-based, team focused learning. If you aren't familiar with us and you're interested, we have information on our website. I would suggest viewing the project based learning video we have on the site if you aren't familiar with A3 and would like an outline of what we do.

A3 is Springfield’s only arts integrated school. It is a tuition-free school of choice. All students must apply for transfers!  Transfers must be applied for by January 31st.

 A3 information nights: 

  • January 16th, at 6:30 pm 

  • March 4th 6:30 pm


Here in the Ridgeline middle school, rigorous academics are important for academic advancement, and more importantly, as a vehicle for personal growth.  We believe in our student’s potential, therefore we hold high bars in the arenas of personal initiative as well as academic performance. We provide designated time, reminders, and individual and community support while our students are working towards improvement in these areas.  

We are now finishing up Term 3 in Jupiter Grades. Term 4 begins this coming Tuesday January 21st.  If you or your student have difficulty finding assignments in Jupiter Ed, check the top left corner of the screen to make sure you are searching in the correct term. This is a link, just click to navigate to the desired term.  


Image result for energy transfer diagramWe are now working in Unit 2 Chapter 1, and describing interactions in terms of energy transfer. Students have been introduced to energy diagrams as tools to describe interactions (see diagram).

Our recent focus has been on mechanical waves, through the mediums of air and water specifically.  Students have been assigned a Science Consensus Ideas review guide to review this section. This guide is designed to engage student knowledge of transverse and compression waves, and will be an excellent resource for students when they study for the Chapter 1 test. 

Students should be able to answer these questions:

  • What is the difference between a transverse and a compression wave?

  • When a wave travels along a coiled spring, does each individual coil travel from one end of the spring to the other? If not, what does each coil do? How does this help us understand how particles in air and water move when mechanical waves travel through these mediums?

  • What is the evidence that a wave transfers energy through air, and/or water?

  • How does the wavelength change when the frequency of a wave increases?

  • How does your ear perceive an increase in the amplitude of a wave?

  • How does your ear perceive an increase in the frequency of a wave?

Forward Ever,

Carrie and India


Link to the Interactions in Physical Science Textbook:

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    1. The CPM ebook has supports and homework help for each assignment.

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