Paula & Diana's Weekly Update 2-17-12

posted Feb 17, 2012, 11:32 AM by Cynthia Friedman
The Heart Fair was a lot of fun. Each student had his/her pulse taken and was able to see a visual of their heartbeat. We had a heart healthy snack of raisins and apples. Small groups went through the giant heart listening to its beat and duplicating, as best they could, the path that blood takes through this most vital organ.

Another special learning experience was focused on nutrition. Cade’s mom came in to share her expertise on healthy eating and exercise. The children were quite impressed with her demonstration of how the heart pumps blood.

We are continuing to practice the /e/ sound.

Our CIK story is “The Lucky Rabbit’s Foot,” focusing on taking other’s property.

We will be celebrating Hundred Day this coming Wednesday. Each student is encouraged to bring a hundred tiny objects (100 Cheerios, 100 buttons, 100 stickers, etc.), to be glued onto a paper grid.

Reminder: Update your volunteer hours at this link: Time Tracker

Save-the-date: Thursday evening, May 10 for the Kindergarten Music Program.