Kinder Weekly Update 2-7-13

posted Feb 7, 2013, 10:36 AM by Cynthia Friedman
We are missing the tiny wooden puzzle piece that represents El Salvador. It is brown and has a white finger knob. If you find it please send it back to school. 

There has been a little glitch with our upcoming fieldtrip this Friday. The play’s schedule has been changed. It will begin at10:00 rather than 11:00. We cannot ride the city bus and get to the theatre on time so we have arranged to take a 4J bus. The cost of the bus breaks down to $1.50 per rider. Please send this additional money at your earliest convenience. 

The Shape and Say story is “The Voracious Vacuum.” 

The CIK story is “Who’s the Boss,” letting others take care of themselves. 

The children are getting much enjoyment from sharing their stories. Thank you for helping with these keepsakes. 

We are learning a few songs for Valentine’s Day and Presidents Day: “Heart of Paper”, “Mail Myself to You”, “February is a Short Month”, “Magic Penny”, “L-O-V-E Spells Love”, “His Name was Washington” and “You are My Dollar.” We hope to sing to our neighbors at the assisted living center next week. 

Save the date:
Kindergarten Curriculum Sharing
Wednesday evening February 20th

This is an opportunity for the kindergartners to show their families the kinds of work they have been doing in class. We hope you all can attend.