Kinder Weekly Update 10-23-14

posted Oct 27, 2014, 10:32 AM by Cynthia Friedman
Our class is finishing the first set of letters and their sounds. It includes a, c, m, t, and s. You may want to play games to practice the sounds the letters make. Tell you child you are thinking of a word that begins with the sound of a letter. Then give him/her hints (It’s an animal. It says, “meow,”) until the word is guessed. Another game is taking turns coming up with many things that start with a particular letter’s sound. 

Last week, the students made applesauce to celebrate the letter “a” and its sound. This week Pan’s mom Ami will supervise the children while they make sushi for the letter “s.” 

Rhymes and songs for the season include: “Five Little Pumpkins,” “Once I Had a Pumpkin,” “Ghosts” and others. Pumpkin tracing and cutting is popular, and many students have completed sewing a pumpkin pillow. 

We will have a class funny fest on Halloween, but children are not to wear costumes to school. 

Current topics: the Earth and its path; the moon and its phases; land, air, water; the globe and the flat map of the world, and the names of the continents. 

So far, Yaeko has introduced two of the simple machines—levers and incline planes—in her Thursday morning sessions. 

Lindsay has helped the children plant in the garden and each child has a seed in a cup near the window to watch grow. 

Reminder: Laughing Planet fundraiser on Wednesday, November 5.