Kinder Update 11-10-11

posted Nov 14, 2011, 11:05 AM by Cynthia Friedman

We are pleased with the turnout for conferences. It was a pleasure to discuss the progress the children have made.

Our Shape and Say story is “No Nose Pinching for Nancy,” featuring the letter n and its sound.

The CIK stories are “Pick Me” which focuses on recognizing the negative effects of whining to manipulate and “The Magic Words” which focuses on using please and thank you.

Liu Kai has begun teaching the children a couple of Chinese words each week. She has given lessons on the Chinese words for: hello, good morning, please and thank you.

The students who have completed their world maps have begun working on North American atlases, coloring and labeling the countries and drawing their flags. We had a brief introduction to fractions in order to assist them in drawing the flags.

We enjoyed our first neighborhood walk last week. We collected leaves and seeds from different kinds of trees. We are learning a song about the six parts of a plant. We also saw “Jack Frost,” an early, animated cartoon. Of course, we had to have popcorn with this filmstrip.

Crayon melt, leaf rubbing, watercolor, and tracing are popular works on the art shelves.

Homework is due this Thursday as Friday is a no-school day in honor of our veterans