Kindergarten Weekly Update 9-30-11

posted Oct 3, 2011, 8:49 AM by Cynthia Friedman
This week the children enjoyed an astronomy lesson about the earth circling the sun, which prepared them for our first birthday celebration of the year. To honor the student, we lit a candle to represent the sun and the birthday child held the globe and walked around the sun one year at a time as her life on earth, thus far, was discussed.

Geography has been a topic this week. The land and water globe as well as the continent globe were introduced. We drew the continents on a large grapefruit, then halved it, scooped out the pulp, flatten out each half of the “world” and talked about the advantages of flat maps. This was followed by a lesson on the continent puzzle maps.

Pickle slicing has been a popular activity in the practical life area as well as bracelet sewing. Collage is a new work in art. Also, the children began creative movement with Rachel Carnes who will lead this class every Monday afternoon in the upper gym.

“Favorite and Special Places” is the theme for writing. We have read several picture books and created a chart that lists the different places the children consider special. Each child will draw and then write about his/her own special place.

Our helpers from Asia commute from the area around Beltline and Coburg. As cooler, wetter weather approaches, they would appreciate a ride to school. Please call Cynthia in the office if you would be able to offer either of them transport.

· Lunches must be ordered a week in advance, forms due on Wednesday of the prior week.
· Send a helmet with your child on Bike and Walk to School Day so s/he can try out the different bikes demonstrated by the Center for Appropriate Transit.