Kindergarten Weekly Update 9-23-11

posted Sep 23, 2011, 11:42 AM by Cynthia Friedman
We appreciate your attendance at our parent meeting last evening. We hope you enjoyed a glimpse into our language arts curriculum.

Last Friday the children enjoyed making pancakes on a griddle. From what we heard they were the best pancakes they have ever eaten.

This Monday we began our letter-of-the-week with the Shape and Say story, Carla’s Curls, which features the sound of the letter c. One follow-up exercise was writing this letter in shaving cream. Today we made our C-list with the words that we will use to compose our stories tomorrow. Friday we will practice writing this letter with a pencil on ruled paper.

Our Coping in Kindergarten stories for this week: “New Friends”—Learning how to introduce yourself, “Nobody Likes Me”—Initiating social interaction, “I Like Your Picture”—Fostering friendship through genuine compliments, “The Special Game”—Handling rejection, “Simmy’s Problem"—Expanding your circle of friends.

We hope you are enjoying your children as much as we are.