Kindergarten Weekly Update 9-16-13

posted Sep 17, 2013, 9:02 AM by Cynthia Friedman
If our start is any indication, we are in for a wonderful year. The students are quickly learning the multi-step routines for arrival, group time, work time, snack, recess, lunch and dismissal. Their movements around the classroom are purposeful. They are handling the materials carefully and walking steadily to and from the shelves. They are taking on the responsibilities of cleaning up after themselves. Tables are being sponged and food crumbs are swept up.

In addition to lessons on grace and courtesy and how to care for the environment, we have practiced pouring and using tongs and tweezers, laying out and rolling the rugs that define our individual work areas, putting different sized cylinders in sockets while blindfolded, easel painting, puzzle layout, stringing beads and so many more foundational lessons that are gradually built upon in the process of promoting independence and an increasing sense of confidence. Also, you may have seen the results of the first tracing work or heard a few new songs.

We hope you will attend the kindergarten parent meeting this Thursday evening 6:30-7:15. We will show examples and give demonstrations of our language arts activities that promote a love of language while simultaneously building a strong sense of community. The children will be preparing little carrot cake muffins for this occasion. Childcare is provided for free with an RSVP through the office.

Current need: cucumbers for the children to practice washing, peeling and slicing.