Kindergarten Weekly Update 10-4-12

posted Oct 4, 2012, 10:26 AM by Cynthia Friedman
The Kindergartners ended last week by making sushi. The children enjoyed the putting together and slicing more than the eating—about half ate the portion they made. 

Our Shape and Say story for this week is “An Apple for Alex,” featuring the letter “a” and its sound. 

“I Like Your Picture” is the CIK story with a focus on fostering friendships through genuine compliments. 

In geography, we have moved on to the continent globe. Identifying the names of the seven continents and learning “The Continent Song.” Collage was introduced as a new work on the art shelves. 

The children drew a picture and “wrote” about “Owl Moon,” a picture book by Jane Yolen.

We are practicing Aileen Fisher’s poem “I Like Fall.” We hope the practice at home is going well. 

Homework is due Friday. 

Read-a-thon pledges are due next week. 

Have a good weekend.