Kindergarten Weekly Update 10-11-12

posted Oct 11, 2012, 10:16 AM by Cynthia Friedman
Last Friday the children cranked apples through the peeler-corer-slicer gadget. They ate half of the apple spiral and added the other half to the crock pot to cook into applesauce. Also, we ate popcorn while we watched an old 8MM film, “Jack Frost.” A fun rhyme, “Song of the Popcorn,” was introduced. 

In geography the concept of a flat map of the world was demonstrated by halving a melon and flattening each hemisphere. The children are beginning the long process of making their own world maps. Another new activity in science is observing insects through a magnifying glass. 

We had a lesson on the running stitch, which will enable the children to sew their own pumpkin pillows this month. Another popular activity you may have heard about is our newly repaired miniature environment, the Magic Tree House. 

Our Shape and Say story is “The Time Tapping Tool,” which features the letter “t” and its sound. 

The CIK story is “The Special Game” with a focus on handling rejection. 

Hope to see you all at Curriculum Sharing next Tuesday evening, October 16th.