Kindergarten Weekly 12-4-13

posted Dec 5, 2013, 11:38 AM by Cynthia Friedman
Missing: Our little glass globe, blue with green continents, about an inch in diameter.

The puppeteers from the Schnitzer Art Museum will come to perform for our class next Thursday, December 12. Please send a dollar to cover the cost of this program.

The children will have two different sewing projects available in our practical life area over the next couple of months, a snow gnome and a winter banner.

Our Shape and Say story is “Felicia Flamingo.” We will prepare figs and flan in celebration of our letter of the week.

So far this year we have covered the letters a, m, s, t, c, i, r, n, b, h, and f. Our expectation is that the children know at least these letters and their sounds. The children who are not retaining these lessons are receiving extra instruction.

The ballet was wonderful. We have read two versions of “The Nutcracker” story so far and will continue reading others throughout the month. During one of our readings, we will act out the story using make-shift props and costumes.

Remember Ridgeline’s Friday night talent show, Saturday holiday fair and Sunday U-Cut tree sale.