Kindergarten Update 4-9-12

posted May 8, 2012, 11:04 AM by Cynthia Friedman
This week our class will begin incubating six chicken eggs. We will track the development occurring within the shell during the twenty-one day gestation period. Let us know if your family would want to adopt any of the hatchings. 

We are beginning a new project. Each student has designed the sash that s/he will wear at the music program on Thursday evening, May 10. They will begin to sew their designs onto the sash this week. These keepsakes will stay at school until the performance.  

We have been creating a class poster for the research on the ball python that we have done as a class in preparation for the homework that begins today—individual project fair posters on the animal of each child’s choice. Let us know if your child did not get home with the instructions and project board. 

Popular activities include pickle slicing and our new reading materials. We were grateful to have nice enough weather to set up the patio work including sandbox, doll bathing, bubble making, napkin washing and hanging, and play dough. 

Recent sounds of study have been k, l, y, and q. 

This week's CIK story is “Nobody’s Watching,” focusing on doing what is right whether or not someone is watching. 

Friday is an in-service day, no school for students.