Dian's Update 4-6-2020

posted Apr 6, 2020, 11:31 AM by Cynthia Friedman

Kindergarten  Routine


First, there is a change in our meeting schedule to prevent overlaps with other siblings. Our afternoon “reflection and sharing” meeting is canceled, but we hope to record the chapter books that can be sent and used at each families convenience. And, continue to send photos of work for us to share with the class.


There will be more adjustments to come as Ridgeline rolls out its online learning platform over the next few weeks.

The work and materials in this packet are similar to what is assigned at school. The typical work period includes an assigned work followed by a snack and then work of choice.


Letters-of-the-Week for April include w, u, y, k. We focus on the letter in different ways throughout the week. Monday we hear a story that features the letter sound. Tuesday we make a list of words that begin with the letter sound. Wednesday we practice writing the letter and filling in a handwriting page. Thursday we choose five words from the list to segment, which is saying each sound in the words. Kristin tells a story using words from the list.


Journal Writing: A journal is included. Most children are using unconventional spelling, writing the letters slowly as they say each sound in a word. I’ve included “a word wall” that they can refer to for writing frequently used words. They might need prompting to leave space between words. They write two to three things about the topic they choose.


Math: Our class is focusing on the teens. I recreated the addition and subtraction sets and booklets. The children are quite comfortable and independent with the format.