Diana Update 5-31-19

posted May 31, 2019, 1:25 PM by Cynthia Friedman

Kristin and I were touched by the thoughtful gifts and generous expressions of appreciation recently. We are grateful for each day spent with your children.

Ten chicks hatched from the eggs we incubated. They spent more than two weeks in the classroom.

The tally marks on our class Walk + Roll chart are really adding up. We are keeping track of the different modes of transportation the children use to get to school without a motor. So far, walking is the most popular with more than 100 marks.

Our class will be spending a week celebrating the children’s author, Jan Peck. She was born on May 25th. Once we have read her engaging books, we will call her in Texas and sing “Happy Birthday.”

The children have begun taking pads and pencils along on our Wednesday walks. They are practicing the behavior of writers by making sketches and jotting brief descriptions of noteworthy experiences that occur on the trail.

Each child is creating a lift-the-flap book. Once the book is shared with their classmates, it can be taken home. They are especially adorable.

The puppets are out and children are beginning to write plays to perform for their classmates.

We are learning the U.S. national anthem, “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

Once district assessments are complete the children will resume presenting their research. About half the children have had their turn. Kristin is emailing each family the video of their child. Please return the animal file card if you haven’t already. Also, we are still collecting $2 for the tri-fold boards.

During the last week of school kindergartners will have a Teddy Bear Picnic and a Beach Party, details to come.

Upcoming events:

Rummage Sale

Field Day