Diana's Weekly Update 5-11-18

posted May 11, 2018, 12:17 PM by Cynthia Friedman

The kindergartners are looking forward to our music performance on Tuesday, May 15. Almost all have finished sewing the sashes they designed. Please drop off your child at the kindergarten room around 6:20, then, take your seat in the gym.


We are all getting excited to see the chicks hatch next week. They are due Wednesday.  Today, the children got to look on as the eggs were candled. They were able to see the air sack and the chicks moving inside the shell. After hatching, the chicks will remain in our classroom in a brooder for a week. The children will not handle them but will be able to watch them through the large Plexiglass window. After that, we hope a couple of them can visit on Fridays so we can see them grow into chickens.


It was good to see a big turnout for the Project Fair. We are more than halfway through the research presentations. Each child is doing an impressive job presenting to their classmates. They are using strong voices and remembering to look at their audience after glancing at each note card. Once all have presented, each child’s video will be emailed to his/her family. A few fact cards have yet to be returned.


We have two new UO students this term, Amanda on Wednesday mornings and Olivia on Friday mornings.


Recently, a couple of our reading buddies from Mary’s class have come in to support the children in making pancakes.


We completed the Warton and Morton series by Russell E. Erickson and have read the first two books in the My Father’s Dragon trilogy by Ruth Stiles Gannett.


We continue to enjoy are Wednesday walks on the Rexius Trail. The children are taking along their idea booklets and pencils they carry in a pouch each made. They are practicing the behavior of a writer by drawing and jotting down anything they find noteworthy along the path. This is tick season so please check your child for ticks on Wednesdays.


Save the Date: June 16th Kindergartners singing the national anthem at the Em’s game.