Diana's Weekly Update 4-2-15

posted Apr 2, 2015, 1:25 PM by Cynthia Friedman
The children have returned from spring break ready to work. They have begun sewing the sashes that they designed earlier. We could use donations of any extra thread of any color that you have around the house. 

We are asking those who can to send $1.50 to cover the cost of the research boards that went home on Monday. 

Volunteer opportunity: Would anyone want to type the limericks that the children (and their families) wrote earlier in March. We want to collect these humorous rhymes into a class booklet and make a copy for each child. 

Tired children—We will be discussing the importance of getting enough sleep and how screentime upsets the natural wind-down process. To encourage a screen-free, dimmed lights period just prior to sleep, the class will make a chart of quieter activities to fill that hour before their scheduled bedtime. The National Sleep Foundations offers these guidelines: Preschoolers should get 11-13 hours of sleep, elementary-aged kids should get 10-11 and teens need 8.5-9.25 hours daily. 

April 11 - Grounds Keeping and Outdoor Classroom Work Party – Come help us keep Ridgeline beautiful! A volunteer grounds keeping work party will be held Sunday, April 11, 10am-3pm. We'll be digging a path in the north field, weeding, pruning, raking and generally having fun; kids welcome too. Bring gardening tools if you've got 'em, plus gloves & rugged clothing. Meet at the outdoor classroom. All Family members may log volunteer hours.