Diana's Weekly Update 3-8-18

posted Mar 8, 2018, 12:28 PM by Cynthia Friedman

We have welcomed a new kindergartner recently—Cody. Also, we have another student from the U of O, Brooke, who will be helping out on Friday mornings.

Recent Shape and Say stories have highlighted the letters and sounds of p, g, d, j, e, k and l.

Our CIK story is “A Fair Deal,” focusing on reaching a compromise.

 The children have been sharing their original stories. They are quite proud of each other and look forward to hearing each other’s creative plots.

Valentine bracelets were a hit sewing project.

The children have made ants on a log this month, learning more cooking skills including cutting and spreading.

The screw is the simple machine we will focus on this month. A new work on the shelf will be the Archimedes screw which will allow the children to transfer water upward from a bowl into a higher trough.

 February songs and rhymes: “His Name was Washington,” “Abraham Lincoln,” “Mail Myself to You,” “One Cent, Two Cent,” “You are My Dollar,” “The Star-Spangled Banner” and more. Also, the children are enjoying acting out the book Benny’s Pennies.

Current need:

Volunteer(s) needed for gardening this semester.

 Save the date:

Kindergarten Curriculum Sharing

Tuesday, March 20

3:15-4:15 and 6:00-7:0

Ridgeline Montessori will soon begin the process of class placement for those students moving up from kindergarten to lower elementary.  The appropriate placement of students into individual classrooms is a very important task. The Ridgeline staff puts much thought and time into placing children in classrooms.  We want every child to succeed in a supportive and challenging environment.

A team of staff, including Kristin and me, will carefully consider your child’s learning needs along with the following factors in creating classroom communities:

·       A balance of class size, age and gender

·       A balance of academic strengths

·       A balance of learning styles

·       A balance of social skills

·       Placement of students with special learning needs

·       Separation of students who are unable to work well together

·       Consideration of parental information

We recognize there may be times when parents wish to share specific needs, concerns, or information regarding classroom placement.  A Parent Input Form is available. When filling out the input form, please focus on your child’s unique personality, strengths, learning style, and needs (social, emotional and academic). Your information will be strongly considered; however, the school maintains the right to make the final decision regarding class placement.  To be considered valid, a Parent Input Form must be received by Friday, April 20th.