Diana's Weekly Update 11-27-17

posted Nov 28, 2017, 11:21 AM by Cynthia Friedman

Kindergarten is in full swing now: The children are mostly independent in completing their assigned work and choosing others. They are enjoying P.E., music, gardening, cooking and our Wednesday walks on the Rexius trail. The inclined plane is the simple machine lesson for this month.


Our Shape and Say stories have featured the letter and sound for a, c, m, t, s, i, r, b and n.


Recent CIK stories: “Please Don’t Do That,” a focus on responding appropriately to annoying actions. Also, “It Was an Accident,” about expressing anger in acceptable ways.


We just completed our second chapter book in Russell E. Erickson’s series about the two toad brothers, Morton and Wharton.


Lessons in geography have included the globe as a representation of the Earth, the names of the continents and a transition from globe to map. This latest lesson involved a large grapefruit painted like a globe. It was sliced in half separating the hemispheres then flattened to demonstrate how a world map represents the spherical earth but with the advantage of seeing both sides at once. Students have begun the long process of creating their own world maps.


Vertebrates and invertebrates are a current topic. We are singing “My Spine is Made of Many Boney Vertebrae” and reciting the names of the bones that make up a skeleton.


Class needs:

o   An assistant to help Mr. G during P.E. from 11;30-12:00 on Thursdays.

o   Volunteers to listen to students read one-on-one during morning worktime.