Diana's Weekly Update 1-29-15

posted Jan 29, 2015, 11:01 AM by Cynthia Friedman

Our most recent sounds-of-the-week: “j” and “o.”

A new rhyme:


by Adam Stemple

The junco is a tiny bird,

But tougher than the rest,

Hopping up and crouching down

And puffing out its chest;

It flaps its wings and jumps about

When it comes time to feed.

I can’t believe the fuss it makes

For one sunflower seed.

We will celebrate Valentine’s Day at school on Friday, February 13. Attire for the day will be pajamas! The children will make festive containers that will be ready for any cards their classmates may want to deliver. We have twenty-nine students. If your child chooses to bring valentines they should be signed but not addressed to specific children.

Gardners! Reminder—Seed orders are due on February 4th


After School Programs At Ridgeline – Several organizations are now offering after school programs at Ridgeline! If you are interested in after school activities for your student(s) see details near the bottom of the eNews in a new section called “After School Programs At Ridgeline.” Current programs include: Imagination Yoga, Young Rembrandts, and TGA Tennis & Golf.


Parent Volunteers:  Please make sure that you log your hours.  Mid-year tallies are coming up, and we want to count you in.