Diana's Update 2-21-19

posted Feb 21, 2019, 2:02 PM by Cynthia Friedman
The children continue to present their original stories. They are quite proud of each other and look forward to hearing each other’s creative plots.

Our weekly Shape and Say story, “Edwina the Wandering Elephant,” features the letter “e” and its short sound. Last week’s letter and sound was “v.”

The sewing project this month was a heart bracelet.

All the children have had at least two turns as calendar leader. They have learned that a presenter is prepared, waits for the audience to be ready and projects with a strong voice. They take this responsibility seriously and are doing a great job announcing the current date and leading “The Kindness Pledge.”

Some new songs for this month include: “February is a Short Month,” “Mail Myself to You,” “Heart of Paper,” and “L-O-V-E Spells Love.”

Friday, March 1 we will wear stripes to celebrate Dr. Seuss’ Birthday. We’ll read his books and engage in other Seussy fun.

(FYI-We’ll wear green on Friday, March 15 for some St. Pat’s fun.)

Save-the-Date: Thursday, May 9, at 6:30 the Kindergarten class will perform a gift of song for their families. A twenty-minute program featuring favorite songs and music activities.

Hope to see you all at our annual Pasta Dinner this coming Friday, February 22! The Pasta Dinner is the kick-off event for the DDD (Direct Donation Drive) which runs until spring break. The theme of this year's DDD is quilts and we will have children’s literature quilts on display during the dinner! Emily's class is making paper flowers in paper quilt covered vases and parent Jesse Cloninger has lined up a quartet to play on the stage as background music. There will not be a raffle, silent auction or student performances this year.

We hope you will join us at the Pasta Dinner! We will have the fabulous penne pasta with marinara and pesto, green salad, and bread with garlic butter. The dinner is $5 per person or $20 per family. Please bring your own plate and utensils if possible.