Diana's Semi-Monthly Update 12-7-18

posted Dec 7, 2018, 11:30 AM by Cynthia Friedman

First, thank you for participating in the Book Fair. We are enjoying the books and DVDs.

In small science groups, Anthony has presented the screw. In addition to manipulating bolts and nuts, the children used a screwing nutcracker. The Archimedes screw continues to be in use to move water from a lower level to a higher one.

For cooking skills, Brenna guided the children through the steps for making juice. They prepped and chopped the fruit and vegetables and loaded the juicer for blending.

So far in golf, Vance has given the children lessons on putting and long stroke.

We have discussed four different kinds of life: animals, plants, fungi and microbes.

Each child made models of bacteria and viruses that make us sick.

Lessons in geography have included the globe as a representation of the earth, the names of the continents, and a transition from globe to map. The children watched a globe of the earth (a painted grapefruit) halved into hemispheres and flattened as a demonstration of how a world map represents the globe with the advantage of seeing both sides at once. The children have begun the long process of creating their own world maps.

Recent Shape and Say stories: “No Nose Pinching for Nancy” and “Harry’s Helping Hands.”

Current Coping in Kindergarten story is “Computer Brain,” focusing on thinking before acting.

A Toad for Tuesday is our current chapter book in the series by Russell E. Erikson.

Nature art has included using leaves to create designs and animals. Also, the children are making seed mosaics.

A new sewing project has begun—a winter gift for each family. Shhh.

Student Marketplace December 8! - Please join us between 10am-1pm and invite your friends and families! This was such a fabulous event last year! I can’t wait to see the creative items our students have made and support their entrepreneurial and fundraising efforts!

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