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Diana's Room (Kindergarten)

Diana's Update 6-1-2020

posted Jun 1, 2020, 4:08 PM by Cynthia Friedman

Ridgeline Montessori Kindergarten

Week 10

It was so much fun to see all the pirates last Wednesday for Jan Peck’s program.


This week, kindergarten will continue our study of plants. We will be learning the purpose of each part of the plant with the aid of the song, “Roots, Stems, Leaves,” focusing on one part each day.


In lieu of our annual Teddy Bear Picnic, our class will share Teddy bears (or another stuffed animal) at this Thursday’s zoom meeting. There will be a couple of related lessons on Seesaw prior to this event.


A new month is upon us. I am attaching the blank June calendar to this email as I neglected to insert it into the weekly packet posted on Seesaw.


The lower-elementary teachers will attend our Thursday meeting. Each new cohort will meet with their teaching team the following Monday. You will receive notification of the time.


No works will be assigned on Friday, as it is a No School/Teacher Grading Day. So till then…


Happy Working,


Diana's Weekly Update 5-26-2020

posted May 26, 2020, 2:58 PM by Cynthia Friedman

Our class is looking forward to Jan Peck’s visit on Wednesday. The children are invited to come dressed like a pirate.


Wednesday is also the birthday of two of our beloved students, Rowan and Zoey. We hope to see photos of them as they have grown from birth to age 6. (A heads up, Milo’s b-day is coming up on the 31st.) We encourage all to post good wishes for them on Seesaw.


In addition to our usual language arts and math routines, there will be class and Seesaw lessons with silent e. Tuesday’s lesson and assignment will be working with long a, silent e. Some work sheets are included for those who prefer to work with them or use them as references.


We’ll have some lessons on plants: Parts of a Seed, How Does a Seed Become a Plant and What Do Plants Need.


Plus, a couple of lessons in physical science.


We hope all are enjoying the sunny days.


Happy Working!


Diana's Weekly Update 5-11-2020

posted May 11, 2020, 10:58 AM by Cynthia Friedman

An exciting project for kindergarten this week is designing and sewing sashes.


In math, we will begin a focus on money, specifically dimes and pennies this week. And a fun geometry activity of friendship shapes.


Our sounds-of-the-week will be th, ch and sh. Our chart will list th-words.


Our chapter book is Henry Huggins by Beverly Cleary.


Going forward, all schedules and assignments will be posted on Seesaw. There will not be any attachments to this email. We are now aligned with lower elementary, all neat and tidy.


We have two schedules for this week: the overview for meetings and assignments and the schedule for sewing the sashes. I am including these below on the next two pages. The schedules will also be in Seesaw in a multi-page post with other materials for Week 7.


Heads up, the sewing schedule in the Seesaw packet is an unedited draft. Please use final copy below on page.


Schedule  for  May 11-15 There is no expectation to print the attachments. Work on notebook paper or other medium.






9:00 Morning Meeting:

Amelia Music

Seesaw: “th, sh, ch Digraph Song”

th-digraph story

Count by 10s

Value of a dime

Designing sash

9:00 Morning Meeting:


th– Word Chart (Bring th word.)





9:00 Morning Meeting:

Amelia Music


Seesaw story: FriendShapes

and activity




9:00 Morning Meeting:


th – Chart Review and Segmenting


Seesaw song, “Hey, Honey Bunny”



No Meeting







Suggested Assignments: Adjust for your family’s needs and comfort!

Refer to steps for designing and sewing a sash.


Counting up dimes.




Adding up dimes.


c, h, ch sorting pictures.



Identify dimes. Circle.


Listen to FriendShapes.

Refer to activity sheets to complete the assignment.


Counting pennies and dimes.


th, ch, sh picture sort.


Counting dimes and pennies.

“Hey, Honey Bunny” dance party!

th, ch, sh read and sort.

Choose an option from the Reading Record.

(Post in Seesaw journal.)

Choose an option from the Reading Record.


Choose an option from the Reading Record.


Choose an option from the Reading Record.


Choose an option from the Reading Record.


Journal: Write 3 things about something you experienced. You may need to use 2 pages of your kindergarten journal.




Numerals 2, 3, 4, 5


Write the number words for 3, 13, 30 and 33





Addition, Set  (Post)




Write a th word for the chart tomorrow.


th-word for segmenting: 



Materials to refer to:

Counting dimes page


Kindergarten Journal

Word Wall

Reading Record

Read-aloud recording.

Materials to refer to:


Addition booklet.

Addition, Set

Number word guide

Reading Record.

Read-aloud recording.

Materials to refer to:

FriendShape sheets (2)

Handwriting 2-5

Number words sheet

Number word guide

Reading record.

Read-aloud recording.

Materials to refer to:


Reading log




Read-aloud recording.

Materials to refer to:

Dance Party page.


Reading Record.



Read-aloud recording.





Schedule for Sewing Your Sash

May 11-15







Fold a sheet of paper in half lengthwise, crease by pressing down on the fold with your pointer finger. Open and cut along the crease. Tape two short sides together to make one long piece.


Think about simple things, symbols and/or shapes that mean a lot to you. Choose 3 of them and draw them onto the long paper, leave some space between your drawings. Label each drawing.



Have a grownup cut the three things out of felt and pin them to your sash. Have them help you try on the sash to make sure all the things can be seen and aren’t hidden on your side or under the gold safety pin used to fasten the bottom together.


Sew 1 item to your sash using short (about a centimeter), uniform running stitches. (Bottom up till it stops, top down till it stops.) Remember to politely ask a grownup to knot your thread after you have threaded your needle.



Sew the second item to your sash. Sew around the edge of the piece using short (about a centimeter), uniform running stitches. (Bottom up till it stops, top down till it stops.) Remember to politely ask a grownup to knot your thread after you have threaded your needle. And thank them.




Sew the third item to your sash. Sew around the edge of the piece using short (about a centimeter), uniform running stitches. (Bottom up till it stops, top down till it stops.) Remember to politely ask a grownup to knot your thread after you have threaded your needle. And thank them.



Put on your sash, adjust so the dart is at the shoulder and sash crosses the body, under the arm to the other side. Overlap the two ends and hold together with the large, gold-colored safety pin.


Smile, take photo, post to Seesaw.


Diana's Update 5-4-2020

posted May 4, 2020, 12:45 PM by Cynthia Friedman

Welcome to Week 6


Our big animal research projects are about done. These will not be shared on our class blog until they are presented during our zoom meetings. Until then, they will remain in your child’s own Seesaw journal. It will take time for all to have a turn presenting.


Caroline and August’s butterflies emerged! Check out the blog.


Q is our letter/sound of the week.


Our read-aloud this week is The Dragons of Blueland, the final book in the series.

Diana's Update 4-27-2020

posted Apr 27, 2020, 1:01 PM by Cynthia Friedman

Spring has sprung:

This week our class is expecting news that Caroline’s chrysalides have completed their metamorphoses. We look forward to seeing beautiful butterflies!

We hope everyone has checked our class Seesaw blog to see Milo’s photos and videos of the egg incubation and chick hatching. The eight chicks are so adorable with their fluffy down feathers and sweet chirping!

We’ll also get to view a few stages of the life cycle of a frog via Ivy’s videos at Mt. Pisgah. She posted the tadpoles on our blog.

It has been fun to see all the work that’s been posted on Seesaw. The children’s comments about their classmates’ blog postings are especially sweet. From now on, we prefer all work you choose to send us, be posted on the Seesaw platform. This way, the children have all their work in one place. Each has a private Seesaw journal. The blog will be a place to share and connect with classmates.

For reflection/read-aloud, we will begin Elmer and the Dragon, the second chapter book in the My Father’s Dragon series by Ruth Stiles Gannett.

We hope the research projects are progressing smoothly. Later this week during class, we’ll be showing a couple of research presentations from previous years, as models for the children.

Happy Working!

You’ll notice on the schedule for this week that Friday is a professional development day for teachers. No school for students.

Dan's P.E.
Link is here:

Diana's Update 4-20-2020

posted Apr 20, 2020, 11:19 AM by Cynthia Friedman

Hello families!

Welcome to week 4 of supplemental learning/online school. This week, we will begin moving into the Seesaw online school program/platform. Codes and instructions for how to log in to Seesaw will be coming in a Monday email from our tech team. Please send login, tech, and installation questions their way. And, please look in your junk email if it's not in your inbox.

Kristin and I will be on call to answer questions about using the app.

Tuesday morning Kristin will begin introducing the Seesaw tools. The first assignment will be taking a photo. We hope that you can join your child for these mini-lessons this week. We are excited to make use of this new way to come together as a classroom and interact more fluidly with students and families. Kids will be able to access assignments and share their work. It provides one place for Kristin and me to see finished work and make comments.

In this week’s schedule, in addition to the familiar offline work, you will find suggested Seesaw activities that Kristin will be introducing during morning meetings. Families who prefer to create offline versions of the Seesaw activities are encouraged to post them to the Seesaw platform.

Also, the children will begin a two-week animal research project. There is an information page and a separate work plan for this annual spring project.

P. E. Link for activity:

Diana's Update 4-14-2020

posted Apr 14, 2020, 12:26 PM by Cynthia Friedman

Diana's Update 4-14-2020

posted Apr 14, 2020, 10:47 AM by Cynthia Friedman   [ updated Apr 14, 2020, 10:51 AM ]

Hi All,

We hope you enjoy the first chapter of Warton and the Contest:

Diana and Kristin

Dian's Update 4-6-2020

posted Apr 6, 2020, 11:31 AM by Cynthia Friedman

Kindergarten  Routine


First, there is a change in our meeting schedule to prevent overlaps with other siblings. Our afternoon “reflection and sharing” meeting is canceled, but we hope to record the chapter books that can be sent and used at each families convenience. And, continue to send photos of work for us to share with the class.


There will be more adjustments to come as Ridgeline rolls out its online learning platform over the next few weeks.

The work and materials in this packet are similar to what is assigned at school. The typical work period includes an assigned work followed by a snack and then work of choice.


Letters-of-the-Week for April include w, u, y, k. We focus on the letter in different ways throughout the week. Monday we hear a story that features the letter sound. Tuesday we make a list of words that begin with the letter sound. Wednesday we practice writing the letter and filling in a handwriting page. Thursday we choose five words from the list to segment, which is saying each sound in the words. Kristin tells a story using words from the list.


Journal Writing: A journal is included. Most children are using unconventional spelling, writing the letters slowly as they say each sound in a word. I’ve included “a word wall” that they can refer to for writing frequently used words. They might need prompting to leave space between words. They write two to three things about the topic they choose.


Math: Our class is focusing on the teens. I recreated the addition and subtraction sets and booklets. The children are quite comfortable and independent with the format.

Diana's Update 2-20-2020

posted Feb 20, 2020, 11:09 AM by Cynthia Friedman

The kindergartners enjoyed a few days of Valentine activities including sewing heart bracelets, making cards, decorating festive bags and learning some new rhymes and songs like “February is a Short Month,” “A Heart of Paper,” “Mail Myself to You,” “I Love You,” “L-O-V-E Spells Love,” and more. They were so cute in their pajamas.

I love you, I love you
I love you divine.
Please give me your bubblegum;
(You’re sitting on mine.)

We will celebrate Dr. Seuss on his birthday, Monday, March 2. We plan to wear stripes of all kinds as we enjoy his books.

Recent Shape and Say stories: “Gertie the Goat,” “Polly’s Powder Puff,” “The Voracious Vacuum” and this week, “Jacking the Jalopy.” A couple of “J” activities the children are enjoying are reciting and acting out the poem “Junco” by Adam Stemple and a dance called “Jump, Jim Jo.”

The junco is a tiny bird,
But tougher than the rest,
Hopping up and crouching down
And puffing out its chest;
It flaps its wings and jumps about
When it comes time to feed.
I can’t believe the fuss it makes
For one sunflower seed.

Our new chapter book, Warton and the Castaways by Russell E. Erickson, relates another adventure of Morton and Warton.

The children had a good time studying the wedge as a simple machine.

The garden beds are being prepared for planting peas. The children have learned the parts of the plant. Also, a tomato is so close to being ripe.

Rachael lead small groups in a popcorn science experiment to determine if air or oil is a more effective way to pop the kernels. (You may have heard “Song of the Popcorn.”

Each day we are reading a few of the original stories the children composed and illustrated. The young authors are so proud.

We hope to see you at Game Night this Friday.

Save-the-Date: Thursday, March 5, Kindergarten Curriculum Sharing, 3:05-4:05 and 6:00-7:00. This is an opportunity for your child to show you the work they’ve been doing in class.

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