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Diana's Room (Kindergarten)

Diana's Weekly Update 5-11-18

posted May 11, 2018, 12:17 PM by Cynthia Friedman

The kindergartners are looking forward to our music performance on Tuesday, May 15. Almost all have finished sewing the sashes they designed. Please drop off your child at the kindergarten room around 6:20, then, take your seat in the gym.


We are all getting excited to see the chicks hatch next week. They are due Wednesday.  Today, the children got to look on as the eggs were candled. They were able to see the air sack and the chicks moving inside the shell. After hatching, the chicks will remain in our classroom in a brooder for a week. The children will not handle them but will be able to watch them through the large Plexiglass window. After that, we hope a couple of them can visit on Fridays so we can see them grow into chickens.


It was good to see a big turnout for the Project Fair. We are more than halfway through the research presentations. Each child is doing an impressive job presenting to their classmates. They are using strong voices and remembering to look at their audience after glancing at each note card. Once all have presented, each child’s video will be emailed to his/her family. A few fact cards have yet to be returned.


We have two new UO students this term, Amanda on Wednesday mornings and Olivia on Friday mornings.


Recently, a couple of our reading buddies from Mary’s class have come in to support the children in making pancakes.


We completed the Warton and Morton series by Russell E. Erickson and have read the first two books in the My Father’s Dragon trilogy by Ruth Stiles Gannett.


We continue to enjoy are Wednesday walks on the Rexius Trail. The children are taking along their idea booklets and pencils they carry in a pouch each made. They are practicing the behavior of a writer by drawing and jotting down anything they find noteworthy along the path. This is tick season so please check your child for ticks on Wednesdays.


Save the Date: June 16th Kindergartners singing the national anthem at the Em’s game. 

Diana's Weekly Update 3-8-18

posted Mar 8, 2018, 12:28 PM by Cynthia Friedman

We have welcomed a new kindergartner recently—Cody. Also, we have another student from the U of O, Brooke, who will be helping out on Friday mornings.

Recent Shape and Say stories have highlighted the letters and sounds of p, g, d, j, e, k and l.

Our CIK story is “A Fair Deal,” focusing on reaching a compromise.

 The children have been sharing their original stories. They are quite proud of each other and look forward to hearing each other’s creative plots.

Valentine bracelets were a hit sewing project.

The children have made ants on a log this month, learning more cooking skills including cutting and spreading.

The screw is the simple machine we will focus on this month. A new work on the shelf will be the Archimedes screw which will allow the children to transfer water upward from a bowl into a higher trough.

 February songs and rhymes: “His Name was Washington,” “Abraham Lincoln,” “Mail Myself to You,” “One Cent, Two Cent,” “You are My Dollar,” “The Star-Spangled Banner” and more. Also, the children are enjoying acting out the book Benny’s Pennies.

Current need:

Volunteer(s) needed for gardening this semester.

 Save the date:

Kindergarten Curriculum Sharing

Tuesday, March 20

3:15-4:15 and 6:00-7:0

Ridgeline Montessori will soon begin the process of class placement for those students moving up from kindergarten to lower elementary.  The appropriate placement of students into individual classrooms is a very important task. The Ridgeline staff puts much thought and time into placing children in classrooms.  We want every child to succeed in a supportive and challenging environment.

A team of staff, including Kristin and me, will carefully consider your child’s learning needs along with the following factors in creating classroom communities:

·       A balance of class size, age and gender

·       A balance of academic strengths

·       A balance of learning styles

·       A balance of social skills

·       Placement of students with special learning needs

·       Separation of students who are unable to work well together

·       Consideration of parental information

We recognize there may be times when parents wish to share specific needs, concerns, or information regarding classroom placement.  A Parent Input Form is available. When filling out the input form, please focus on your child’s unique personality, strengths, learning style, and needs (social, emotional and academic). Your information will be strongly considered; however, the school maintains the right to make the final decision regarding class placement.  To be considered valid, a Parent Input Form must be received by Friday, April 20th.


Diana's Weekly Update 1-18-18

posted Jan 22, 2018, 12:49 PM by Cynthia Friedman

We hope you enjoyed the long weekend. Last week we learned about the leadership Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. provided to help promote fairer laws. Mostly, our discussion was focused on peaceful ways to work toward justice and, also, the Nobel Peace Prize. Students created symbols that represent peace to them and then placed them on their own peace medals. We watched part of Dr. King’s “I Have a Dream” speech, noting the passion for fairness evident in his voice. We sang along with a video of “We Shall Overcome,” sung in several languages. We thought about how song can be a strategy for helping control anger (and other emotions) in order to achieve our commitment to work in nonviolent ways.


We have welcomed Fox Haven, a new kindergartner to our class and Shayleen is our new Thursday morning helper from the university.


Each child is using the whipstitch to sew a snow gnome. These have become part of a snowy scene in our practical life area.


Recent Shape and Say stories: “Harry the Helper,” “Felicia Flamingo,” “Oscar the Cat.”


Current CIK story: “Computer Brain,” thinking before acting.


Warton and the Traders is our current chapter book in Russell E. Erickson’s series about the adventures of two toad brothers.


The latest simple machine lesson covered the wedge.


For gardening, the children participated in worm composting.


All students have had a turn leading calendar time. They have learned that a presenter is prepared, waits for the audience to be ready and to project with a strong voice. They take this responsibility seriously and are doing a great job moving the earth about a degree in its path around the sun, announcing the current date and leading “The Kindness Pledge.”


Current needs:

·       This is the time of year when we need more volunteers to listen to our new emergent readers. The window for listening is 9:00-10:45.

·       The volunteer P.E. assistant position for Thursdays, 11:30-12:00, is still open.

Remember to log your volunteer hours. We want to count all volunteers’ hours in the tally.


Upcoming Event---Pajama Day and Valentine exchange will take place Wednesday, February 14th.


Diana's Weekly Update 11-27-17

posted Nov 28, 2017, 11:21 AM by Cynthia Friedman

Kindergarten is in full swing now: The children are mostly independent in completing their assigned work and choosing others. They are enjoying P.E., music, gardening, cooking and our Wednesday walks on the Rexius trail. The inclined plane is the simple machine lesson for this month.


Our Shape and Say stories have featured the letter and sound for a, c, m, t, s, i, r, b and n.


Recent CIK stories: “Please Don’t Do That,” a focus on responding appropriately to annoying actions. Also, “It Was an Accident,” about expressing anger in acceptable ways.


We just completed our second chapter book in Russell E. Erickson’s series about the two toad brothers, Morton and Wharton.


Lessons in geography have included the globe as a representation of the Earth, the names of the continents and a transition from globe to map. This latest lesson involved a large grapefruit painted like a globe. It was sliced in half separating the hemispheres then flattened to demonstrate how a world map represents the spherical earth but with the advantage of seeing both sides at once. Students have begun the long process of creating their own world maps.


Vertebrates and invertebrates are a current topic. We are singing “My Spine is Made of Many Boney Vertebrae” and reciting the names of the bones that make up a skeleton.


Class needs:

o   An assistant to help Mr. G during P.E. from 11;30-12:00 on Thursdays.

o   Volunteers to listen to students read one-on-one during morning worktime.


Diana's Weekly Update 9-16-17

posted Sep 20, 2017, 12:26 PM by Cynthia Friedman

The kindergarten class parent meeting is scheduled for Monday, September 18, from 6:00-6:45 pm. The agenda will include a glimpse of our language arts group activities that promote a love of language while simultaneously build a strong sense of community. New parents to the Ridgeline kindergarten program are encouraged to attend. Free childcare for students and siblings is available if arranged with the office.


Our class is busy orienting to the new environment and community. Our first games and songs help in learning each other’s name. The different materials are introduced gradually over the first weeks so the children have an opportunity to practice their correct use and care. In addition to lessons on grace and courtesy and how to care for the environment, we have practiced pouring and using tongs and tweezers, laying out and rolling up the rugs that define individual work areas, putting different sized cylinders in sockets while blindfolded, puzzle layout, stringing beads and so many more foundational lessons that are gradually built upon in the process of promoting independence and an increasing sense of confidence. Also, you may have seen the results of the first tracing work, painting or heard a few new songs.


Our Shape and Say story this week is “The Time-Tapping Tool, featuring the letter “t” and its sound.


We took our first class walk this week on the Rexius Trail along Amazon Creek, practicing crossing the street and staying on the trail. Over the next few weeks we will increase the length of our adventure.


We had P.E. for the first time this week with Mr. G. He will be working with the kindergartners on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11:30-12:00. Also, our music teacher dropped in for a visit.


Lunch is at 12:00 on Monday - Thursday and 11:45 on Fridays.

Gardening will take place on Mondays.


Picture Day- Wednesday, September 20.


Laughing Planet Fundraiser – Tuesday, September 26


Jogathon – Friday, September 29


Diana's Weekly Update 5-5-17

posted May 5, 2017, 8:53 AM by Cynthia Friedman

We are getting excited about the upcoming music program. Remember to save the date for…


                    The Kindergarten Music Performance,

      Monday evening, May 22, 6:30-7:00

      In our school gymnasium


Please bring your child to class at 6:20 before you find your seat in the gym.


The Project Fair was quite a success. The children are very proud of their work. They are doing such a good job presenting it to their classmates. They are using strong voices and remembering to look at their audience after glancing at each note card. Very impressive deliveries. We are still collecting $2 for the project poster board, if you haven’t sent it. Also, there are a few fact cards that need to be returned.


The chicken eggs in our incubator are two weeks old. They are due to hatch in one more week.


The simple machine lesson was on wheels and axles. Shea had the kids building cars with Legos.


There have been gardening lessons that included planting seedlings.


We are beginning to learn about pollination. The children will be taking turns being pollinators, sipping nectar from flowers and spreading pollen as they go from one flower to the next. We are learning the poem “The Reason for a Flower” by Ruth Heller.


We have waited awhile for the sunny weather. Please apply sunscreen each morning and send a sun hat.

Diana's Weekly Update 3-8-17

posted Mar 8, 2017, 10:36 AM by Cynthia Friedman

Curriculum Sharing: Thursday, March 9, 3:15-4:15 and 6:00-7:00.

This is an opportunity for the kindergartners to show family members some of their work. Also, look at their popcorn science project displayed on the bulletin board.


We enjoyed our Dr. Seuss celebration on March 2. The striped clothing added to our fun of reading his books.


The children have been having fun acting out the story “Benny’s Pennies.”


Recent Shape and Say stories: “Gertie the Greedy Goat,” and “The Up Umbrella.”


 Songs and Rhymes: “Song of the Popcorn,” “It’s a Shamrock,” “His Name was Washington,” “Abraham Lincoln,” “You are My Dollar,” and “One Cent, Two Cents…”


 Students are encouraged to wear green on St. Patrick’s Day, Friday, March 17. We are learning a bit about St. Patrick, Ireland, limericks and leprechauns.


Also, this week we have begun learning “The Star-Spangled Banner.” Children are taking turns reenacting the story of Francis Scott Key at the battle of Fort McHenry. The kindergartners will be singing our national anthem at PK Park on the evening of the last day of our school year, June 16. (More info to come).


Diana's Weekly Update 12-13-16

posted Dec 13, 2016, 10:42 AM by Cynthia Friedman

We had our last dance class with Sue today. After winter break we will begin music classes.


Recent Shape and Say stories include “No Nose Pinching for Nancy” and “Felicia Flamingo and the Fan.”


Our current chapter book in Russell E. Erickson’s series is Warton and the King of the Skies.


We have been talking about the different kinds of life—plants, animals, fungi and microbes. We watched a Reading Rainbow video about germs and other microbes. And, each child made models of some bacteria and viruses that make us sick.


A few children have completed their world maps and we’ve begun Astronomy lessons on the solar system.


Each child is sewing a winter gift for their family. It is a surprise so I better not say more.


Jessica and I wish you all the happiest of holidays. See you in 2017.

Diana's Weekly Update 10-24-16

posted Oct 26, 2016, 10:06 AM by Cynthia Friedman

The Mt. Pisgah fieldtrip is this Thursday morning, October 27. This trip is rain or shine so be prepared to send your child in clothing and footwear appropriate for cool, rainy weather. No umbrellas.

We have completed the first set (five) of Shape and Say stories covering the letters t, c, m, a and s and their sounds.

Our current CIK story is “Pick Me,” with the focus on recognizing the negative effects of whining.

We have completed our first chapter book, Wharton and Morton by Russell E. Erickson. It’s about two toad brothers. Very sweet.

Most of the children have finished sewing their pumpkin pillow. This required threading their own needle, using the running stitch and using the reinforcing stitch. These will be sent home on Friday.

Each child made sushi. The majority ate their creation!

The first simple machine lesson about the inclined plane was introduced.

Garden activities have included harvesting and eating the carrots that last year’s students planted. They tasted good.

We will continue our Tuesday afternoon routine of walking along the Rexius Trail across the street except during heavier rain and more extreme weather.

The children were excited to start homework. No homework for this coming short, three-day week. There will be homework the following four-day week.

It was good to see families at Curriculum Sharing. Hope to see you at conferences. Parents are welcome to bring their child (or not) to this brief check-in.

Photo retakes: Wednesday morning, October 26.

Diana's Weekly Update 9-29-16

posted Sep 30, 2016, 9:58 AM by Cynthia Friedman

Recent Shape and Say stories: “The Time Tapping Tool” and “The Moaning Mountain”. 

CIK story: “Tattletale” with a focus on when and when not to tell.

We took our first class walk on the Rexius Trail this afternoon. The weather was perfect for our first time.

Each child enjoyed his/her reading buddy from Mary’s upper-elementary class. Our buddies will visit us the first and third Wednesday afternoon of the month.

Your child may have worn a bracelet home. Sewing has been popular. Each child threads his/her own needle and sews a button to a strip of felt. We are creating a bar graph that shows how many bracelets are sewn from each color.

The children will make applesauce tomorrow. Each student will crank an apple through a gadget that peels, cores and slices it. Half the apple can be eaten for snack and the other part will go into a slow cooker and made into applesauce and be served after lunch.

New materials: Senses sorting, binomial and trinomial cubes, rhyme matching, opposites matching and bubble making.

Songs: “Spin, Spider, Spin,” “Going to Kentucky,” “Magic Horse and Me” and “Polaris Jack.”

Missing: The dollar from our money exchange game.

October events: 19th-Curriculum Sharing, 21st-Listener Training 1:30-2:00 and the 27th-Mt. Pisgah.

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