Sarah's Weekly Update 11-28-13

posted Jan 28, 2013, 10:35 AM by Cynthia Friedman
In Class Work
The classroom is bustling with activity during this short week. In history we are mapping expeditions made by Europeans to the land we currently know as Oregon. Students have researched information about several expeditions, and have picked one to look into in more detail. 
The writing focus this week is on editing the stories and poems that the class has been working on. Students are adding interesting words, and descriptive details, and making sure conventions are where they need to be. 

In math, the focus on decimals continues. Some students are rounding decimals, or doing work with money. Others are looking at fractions as division problems, and using that method to convert those fractions into decimals. We also have a group of students looking into fractions that are greater than one, and one group is currently doing an in depth study of the factors of all the numbers from 1 to 100. 

Report Cards
This Friday, February 1, we will be sending home report cards with students. So please be on the lookout for those. 

Designbridge Design Proposal
Designbridge is in the process of working with Middle School students at Ridgeline to create an outdoor learning environment. The goal is to enrich the school’s curriculum with an outdoor classroom, educational gardens, and bike shelter. Please join us for a presentation of the proposal on Friday, January 25th 3:30-5:30pm. Lawrence Hall, room 278 second floor, off main hall, University of Oregon. 

Territorial Seed Fundraiser
Dear Family, Friends, and Neighbors of the Ridgeline Community: 
Get your garden seeds from a Ridgeline Family…and support Ridgeline, too!
Why: Ridgeline will get 45 cents per dollar ordered. 
How: Use the special Territorial Order Form for the Ridgeline fundraiser 
Who: Any friend of Ridgeline, anywhere in the USA 
When: Catalogs available January 18 (additional catalogs are available in the office)
Orders due February 1st by 4:00 p. m. Seeds received in time for Presidents Day planting!

Note: a few Territorial products (asparagus crowns, some bulbs, etc.) are not available on the fundraiser order form. Your Ridgeline order may include only items listed on the special order form.

Happy gardening! 

DDD Kickoff
Ridgeline is kicking off the Direct Donation Drive with a spaghetti dinner again this year. Please join us on February 22 for dinner. Students will also be able to set up tables and sell crafts that they have made. 

Upcoming Assignments
4th Grade – Pick a topic that you would like to research. Write down 5 questions you want to find the answers for, and research the answers to those questions.

5th Grade – Pick two of your favorite characters from any story or movie that you know. Pretend they are having an argument about whether the Ducks or the Beavers are better. Write that conversation.

6th Grade – Write 4 haikus about things that you observe in the classroom.

DUE: February 4 

4th Grade – Complete a set of homophone cards. Pick 5 pairs of words to use for your 10 spelling words this week. Complete the usual follow up.

5th Grade – Make a list of all the prepositions you can find in the next chapter of your book group book. Pick the 10 most interesting words on that list to use for your spelling words. Complete the usual follow up.

6th Grade – Complete the next unit in your spelling work book an two grammar cards.

DUE: February 4 

Find 5 important dates from the expedition that you mapped last week. Make at least 5 bullet-points on what made each of these days important.

DUE: February 4 

Complete the reading, an activity, and a follow up assignment from the Screws packet.

DUE: February 6 

Sarah Walden
Upper Elementary Teacher
Ridgeline Montessori