Mary's Weekly Update 9-27-17

posted Sep 27, 2017, 9:40 AM by Cynthia Friedman

Personal Items

Please note that students may not bring toys, trading cards, or other items that distract from the educational environment to school.  They should only bring personal belongings to school if they have a clear educational purpose and the teacher’s permission.  If an item is brought in, please mark that item with the student's name.  Ridgeline is not responsible for items brought to school or school-sponsored activities.  Also, please be aware that students in Upper Elementary have a very limited amount of space to store their belongings - a hook for their backpack and coat in the hallway, and a very small cubby in the classroom for all their materials.  

Google Email and Apps

Please confirm with your student that they have received their "" email address, which will be used for their classroom work.  We will be using Google Classroom and other Google apps, such as Google Drive.  If you have not already done so, please return the Technology agreement form to the office/classroom as soon as possible.  

Homework and Copies

Just as a reminder, your student is able to make a copy of ONE work per day between 2 and 3pm without asking for permission.  This is to encourage them to take responsibility for their work and to allow them to take something home as homework, if they wish.  If the student feels they should make copies of more than one work, they need to ask permission before doing so.  Please note that most assignments must be written out on lined paper, even if they have taken a copy of a work (being able to correctly write out a problem on lined paper is an important part of the math work, especially).

Student Presentations

Every Thursday we will be setting aside time for students to present to the class.  They may choose to share something from home, a good book they would recommend, or an assignment they have been working on.    Occasionally assignments will include a required presentation to the class.  This forum allows the students to share their interests and to work on their public speaking skills throughout the school year.

Birthday Bash

Our Birthday Bash for October birthdays will be held on October 20th.  If your student has a birthday that month, please feel free to send in a healthy snack on that date.

PS:  Please return the Friday Folder and the Workplan Report to the classroom on Monday!


Tue, Oct 3 5:30pm - 6:30pm Back to School Picnic

6pm - 7:30pm RCO Meeting

Wed, Oct 4 Bike And Walk To School Day

3:10pm - 4pm G.A.Y.L.E. Meeting

Fri, Oct 13 No School (Staff In-service Day)